Wednesday, March 08, 2006

get into my milkshake

It turns out Diane is a well traveled lady. She ventured to the big apple with johnbrown and they called me last night around 1:15 am to alert me of a new tune that was playing at the local watering hole. It's a cheeky mash up of Kelis's "milkshake" and Madonna's "get into the groove". I call it "get into my milkshake".

On a lighter note, the spring weather in atlanta has brought out some of the most interesting characters to date. Just today brought us young Johnny from none other than Paulding County, in the unincorporated city of Hiram. Standing at 5'10" and weighing just 129 pounds, this 46 year old man looked every bit of 70. He reminded me of a poster of drug addiction. At first, I thought he was suffering from hepatitis or cancer, then I realized that he was really good friends with the mean girl. You know, Tina. Someone forgot to tell Johnny that smoking the mean girl will wreak havoc on the coronaries. Now his heart his functioning at about 10%, low enough to place him on the heart transplant list. Only problem is that Johnny is not a good candidate as he suffers from what we would call....."non compliance". When it comes down to it, Johnny would rather spend his cash on a carton of Dorals than his anti-rejection medications. neat.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

If you want it

I have to say that David Gray put on quite a show last night. Having enjoyed his music long before the infamous "Babylon" song came out, I was eager to hear him in concert. And the Fox Theater is by far one of the best venues for this sort of intimacy. Dori and I decided to enjoy the nice spring weather and walk to Baraonda for dinner where we dined on Arugula salad, pizza, and red wine. With a wait time for a table reaching well over an hour, we strategically placed ourselves near the bar and sipped on wine until two spots opened up. Though the hot latin bartender was not working, the very cute pocket hottie was, and he took very good care of us.

The place was filling up when we arrived, and so a quick stop by the bathroom was in order. While waiting outside for Dori to come out, a random girl from Acworth asked me, "Do you actually like David Gray or are you just here with your girlfriend?". I replied, "Well, Both. I do enjoy David Gray's music and my girlfriend is in the bathroom". She then went on about the last she saw David Gray in concert where the two gay guys in front of her got into an altercation simply because one looked at the other wrong. hmm.....I can see that.

The show was lasted about two hours, and though we were in the balcony, the acoustic were excellent. I especially enjoyed the cello and bass player who would break into a solo that was really beautiful. Pulling tunes from all of his albums, David Gray really put his heart into the performance. Of course, he ended with "Babylon" which is just fine by me.