Monday, December 26, 2005

"Christmas is Ruined"....

Well....almost. As I made the drive up to Marietta yesterday morning, with the back of my jeep filled with presents and a four legged friend in the back seat, I was was in pretty good spirits. Things change so quickly. 5 minutes after arriving at the parental units house, Boris urinated on one of the Christmas trees (luckily, the small one, who knew it looked like a bush?) and the pager goes off. yes, another Dekalb county special decided to pick Christmas for his heart attack. I was angry and almost in tears, partly because Christmas is such a special time for me to be with my family, and partly because the steroid pack I am taking for a sinus infection has me edgy.

Well, I made it back in time for dinner and a quick gift exchange. Santa was real good to me this year. Dinner was amazing as usual, and Mom featured Egg Nog pie for dessert. It was a nice visit, but something about being on call made things seem so rushed, as if I were waiting any minute for the pager to go back off and ruin dinner. or desert. And I was.

I had a bittersweet moment sitting around the dinner table last night. Here I was among my family, an adorable niece who is getting bigger and smarter by the minute. yet, looking around I realized how old my parents are getting, my sister, my brother-in-law...and looking at the pictures...even me. And I guess that is just part of life, though I really haven't noticed the signs of aging until my late 20's. I'm not scared, it is just something that I become more and more aware of every single day. Makes you realize how finite life really is.

This week:

1.get rid of this cold

Happy New Years Y'all!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lesson learned the Hard way

After my new cell phone crashed last Thursday, (after only two months of use and for no reason) it would have been smart to have the lovely people at Verizon print out my address book on paper. Which I am sure would have only cost about $20. But, I didn't, and today I am realizing how stupid I was. Less than a week later, my phone dies again, after dropping it on the floor at work. It only fell about a foot, and in my opinion, that shouldn't have caused it to cease working completely. This time, the phone won't even come on. I removed the back cover, replaced the battery several times, even blowing on it (cause that always works), and still I was left with a black screen and no power.

I left work early and made it over to the Verizon store near Lenox around 3pm. The technician was his usual pessimistic self asking me if I let it charge overnight. That is a BIG No-No with cell phone batteries. I denied practicing such irresponsible charging behaviors at which point he claims that the battery is probably dead. What kind of an idiot does he think I am? A few minor tests later and he claims that yes, in fact, I need a new phone, but that they are out of that particular phone. "We may be able to overnight you one". I asked if there were any other stores in the area with that phone in stock. Turns out, the Verizon wireless store in Gwinnett in fact had 7 left. So I dashed out with phone in hand. Up I-85 to the wonderful and great land of Gwy-net I traveled, looking for the Satellite Boulevard exit which does not exist. I just knew it must be near Pleasant Hill, and a few streets later I spotted the store. Long story short: Yes, they replaced the phone, but since the old phone will not turn on, it is impossible to retrieve my contacts. All 260 of them.....gone. It seems that although Verizon may have the best coverage and strongest signal, they are also operating on a network unlike any of the other carriers. SIMM cards are a foreign term here. All numbers are stored on the phone. I was sick about it. Luckily, I do have a few of my friends' numbers on my computer at home, but many are lost forever. Some I don't want back in the phone. But it is still a pain in the ass any way you look at it.

If you get a chance, send me a quick email with you home and or cell phone number.

Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Flirting with disaster cake

So I have developed this childish crush on the new guy at work. Maybe it is because he is cute and gay and about the closest thing we have had for eye candy in the last two work that is. Or maybe it is his baby-face, tall stature and flawless skin. I have NEVER been attracted to guys younger than I am, but I guess like all things, your taste can change. I was shocked today when he told me he was indeed a Capricorn like me and was preparing for his 26th birthday! Yikes. But I was equally disappointed when he told me that he purchased matching titanium rings for his "partner" for Christmas. The very partner who is 23 years old and living up in Bridgemill in Canton.....with his boyfriend. Now I am not looking to be a homewrecker, lord knows I have been down that dark road before, but what is the harm in flirting?

This week: some overdue Christmas shopping, a week long visit from a four-legged friend named Boris, four straight days of call, and of course, Christmas.....

Just remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in High Hills...

Now I have known about the mountain cabin that LittleJohn and friends purchased earlier in the year, but it was taken me until now to actually make the journey up to Blue Ridge. I will admit that I have dropped hints over cocktails, you know, in order to secure an invite and all. So when the evite came early last week, I wasted no time and responded with an affirmative YES. And words cannot describe how beautiful and cozy this place is. Less than a year old, this humble abode nestled in the North Georgia mountains makes you feel like you are in a place that has been around for years. It is amazing what 4 gay guys can bring to the table, in terms of decorating and stuff. It's homey, inviting, relaxing, warm, and any other adjective that you can substitute to simply make you feel welcome. But more important this weekend was the company inside. 7 guys left behind the holiday parties and circuit events to spend time with friends, both old and new (thanks Jim for correcting me on how to pronounce your name), to spread the holiday cheer. We drank, ate, and laughed for the better part of the weekend. And even though we stayed up too late and overindulged in the libations, somehow, being up in a secluded place with these amazing people made it seem okay. Thanks again for the gracious hospitality and including me in such a special weekend.

Friday night, I made the trip up to High Hills with LittleJohn and Hottie McLegs, passing all the billboards along I-75 advertising the swim/tennis communities from the low $250s, you know the ones with that all end in "Park" and "Gate". It is hard to imagine living in one of these developments among the multi-colored Dodge Durangos and homes decorated with fake ivy in the kitchens and bathrooms. I'm not saying that I wouldn't live there if I was married with kids, but it is spending my Saturday afternoon floating around in a 2 acre pool just does not appeal to me.

It is difficult to appreciate the beauty of the cabin from the outside, being dark and all, but the inside is fabulous. After an unsuccessful attempt to get the gas grill lit (seems someone left us with an empty propane tank), we settled for a margarita and some chips, salsa, and guacamole. We lit a fire and relaxed. This was really my first time spending some kwality time alone with LittleJohn and HM, and as I have told them before, they are wonderful guys. Several drinks later, the camera came out, as did my desire to investigate the "drag suitcase" upstairs. And dress up I did, as the pictures below so clearly illustrate.

Saturday morning, LittleJohn cooked an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Fresh fruit and coffee. We lit a fire and spent the better part of the day relaxing. Watching movies and vegetating. A visit from MattStory,B-E-N-N, and Owen's sister came later in the day. Then, the boys from Atlanta began arriving. Each with a story of the previous night's festivities. Saturday night featured a Christmas dinner of Chili and corn bread muffins, courtesy of HM. This was his holiday tradition that he brought from growing up in Texas. Such a diverse group we had, as there were friends present that I knew very well (PTown powers unite), and yet others that I have only known as acquaintances. Several hours into the evening, it seemed as though were had known each other for years. We wassailed late into the night, playing games such as "Cranium" and "Catch Phrase", reminiscing of past times among friends and sharing holiday traditions unique to each of our respective families. It is these times that you really get to know your friends, unlike the small talk over a watered down cocktail at your favorite "video bar". If it was up to me, I would spend at least one weekend a month away from the Atlanta scene......It does seem as though the "gays" are buying into the mountain getaways in Blue Ridge. Just ask LittleJohn.

Sunday featured another delicious holiday meal straight from the Flippen family, and a hike to the top of the mountain. What a view.

Below are a few picture taken over the course of the weekend. Happy Holidays Y'all.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Way Down Under

I know, it has been a week since my last post. And I honestly do not have an excuse. I guess I could say there was nothing interesting or exciting happening in my life, but you can ask Beck-Yeah and that is definitely not the case.

which brings me to today, time for the monthly Nurse Practice Council meeting. I have come to enjoy these meeting as I get to dress up in something other than scrubs and listen to a group of women with very strong opinions argue over such stupid things as which Rectal tube will save the hospital the most money. Yuck.

As I sat there in the foundation board room this morning, listening to the council reports from each of the different areas, I realized that I had nothing to talk about. Let's see.....I could talk about the 100K lives campaign. No. I know, the new Patient Transfer device we are currently Then I remembered. I scrounged through my bad and there is was. Just last week in my team leader meeting I was given the literature on a new device that is designed to hold back FUPAs for procedures in the cath lab and interventional radiology departments. If you remember, a FUPA is a Fat Upper Pussy Area, seen frequently in our morbidly obese population. Well it seems that someone has capitalized on the idea and invented a FUPA sling if you will. According to the website, "the KangarooWeb improves femoral site access by retracting the abdominal pannus (or FUPA for the layperson, who knew there was a technical term?) away from the groin area, without the use of cumbersome tape or expensive strapping products."

The company claims that the Kangarooweb will effectively:

  • Provide secure, reliable access to the femoral crease in less than one minute. Now I know of several Paulding and Douglas County specials who will be asking if they can take this strap home for personal use. After all, they did pay for it. No more broomsticks when it comes to having sex with your partner. In less than a minute, muff diving shall commence!
  • Eliminates complications from tape and razor burn on degraded skin. This is commonly seen on moist FUPAs as the wet skin sets the patient up for yeast infections and skin breakdown. Remember to always dry your FUPA.
  • Improves patient comfort and dignity. Comfort: yes. No more stretching the FUPA with large amount of tape that can cause further skin tears. Dignity: I think not. How embarrassing would it be to have two nurses strapping your abdomen in a sling so then can get to your groin? Ick.

My favorite part of this product is the tool used to market it. The brochure shows a Kangaroo with a rather large pouch in the front, or FUPA I guess. But my favorite thing is the catch phrase: The KangarooWeb: "Helping Doctors See Down Under"! Below is a demonstration on one of our Paulding County Specials.

A few tugs of the strap....and Voila! Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

I guess it was about six months ago when I decided to get a home phone. you know, one of those voice-over-IP things. seems it is all the rage with the kids these days. and it has worked out well until about one month ago, when I came home from work to find there was no dial tone. And it wasn't until yesterday that I finally got around to making a service call. Now customer service is very important to me. It seems that everywhere I go I just get apathy and attitude, whether I am at the Drive-Thru (take that Erik), the bank, or the parking deck at the gym. So when I placed the call to PurDigital Media yesterday to report my service outage, I was shocked to find a very friendly and helpful voice on the other line. The customer service representative said, "we will send someone out to your condo tomorrow, and I will place special instructions on your work order for the technician to replace your ATA box and make a call from you home phone to your cell phone to make sure it is working properly". I was shocked. What a novel idea! I hung up the phone very satisfied.

On the way to work this morning, I left a key release at the concierge. And I went about my daily business of stomping out heart disease. It was a very busy day with all the paulding county specials and moist FUPAs. So I arrive home this evening to find that yes, indeed, the ATA box has been replaced with a new one. (which is much bigger I might add, but that is beside the point). And sitting on the counter is the work order, and in the "notes" section are the aforementioned "special instructions". I go over and pick up the receiver..... to find, once again, no dial tone. Nothing. nada. I tried to troubleshoot the situation, but the line is still.....dead. Now it may just be that the phone is broken, though it is brand new. But what about a call from the technician? Did he or she even check to see if the new ATA box was working? I have gone from completely satisfied to utterly frustrated.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So say what you want

Well, the weekend has come and left us. And rather than a recap, I want to talk a little music. Plus, I am sure you can read johnbrown's website for my whereabouts. I had a little motivation to work on a new CD thanks to yogajason. As I erected my Christmas tree on Sunday, and decorated it with tacky hand-me-down ornaments courtesy of my parental units, I managed to multitask and throw together a new mix. So , for a limited time, you can download my new mix here.

And, here is the tracklist:

1.Ian Carey & Mochico featuring Miss Bunty - Say what U Want (Ian Carey Club Mix)
2.Stevie Wonder - Jammin (Southside grooves vocal mix)
3.Mohito featuring Howard Jones - Slip Away (Monofonic remix)
4.Narcotic Thrust - Waiting for You (Steve Mac Classic mix)
5.Sun - Ends of the Earth (Eric Kupper Club mix)
6.Black Fras - Moving into Light (Freemason Vocal mix) TUNE!!
7.Jamiroquai - Don't give Hate a Chance (Freemason Mix)
8.Who Da Funk - the Night (Erick Kupper Remix)
9.Red Carpet - Alright (Brad Carter Remix)
10. The Freemasons - Love on my Mind (Shapeshifters Remix)
11.Garbage - Bleed like Me (Eric Kupper Klub extravaganza mix)

Any comments are greatly appreciated. Buh-Bye.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Come one, come all

yesssir, it's that time of year again. Time for the 2005 Piedmont Hospital Annual Craft Bazaaaar! You see, we were a little slow this morning, so I grabbed my coworker, Sue, and we headed over for a stroll through arts n' crafts land. Sue is such a gem, a 5_ year-old southern belle from Anniston, Alabama. If they had a casting call for Steel Magnolias here in Atlanta, well, Sue would easily have made the second cut. She has one of those beautiful southern draws where she can simply turn any one syllable word into two. After grabbing a piping hot cup 'o Joe from the Snack Shack, we began our Christmas shopping experience. Now I am not one to spend much time at this craft fair, as it is usually filled with extremely tacky things: pickled vegetables in mason jars with white lace doilies, just about every variety of wicker basket w/goodies, and then there are the holiday sweatshirts with iron-on magnolia leaves outlined with gold glitter glue. pretty. Today was different. There were beautiful twall handbags, furry scarves in various colors, and lots of hand made jewelry. I quickly found a furry scarf that I just knew my sister would love.

A few moments later, Sue says, "let's go over they--rrr". Something had caught her eye. And it was a 3/4 length fur coat made of red fox hair. I held Sue's coffee as she tried on this interesting coat, and her eyes lit up. I knew what she was thinking. (she wondered how it would feel to parade around her apartment wearing nothing but the aforementioned coat). The lady running the booth wanted $1000 for the coat, but Sue simply batted her eyes and talked her down to $850. Who would have known that the craft bazzaar would have such a lovely piece of clothing? Only in the South I tell ya.

On the work front, it seems that the par levels of gay guys I work with is on the rise. This week two new hires have started. One being on the far end of the nelly-meter, and the other is the ultimate-straight-actin' kind of gay guy. Coming from Grady as a paramedic, he is all of 27 years-old with the face of a 16 year-old boy. Eye candy for sure. Work is good. Life is good.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long Way Down...

Well, it seems I have surfaced from the chaos in my life. Been real real busy you see, so I haven't had time to write about it...just livin' the dream as they say. Let's backtrack a little, shall we?

I ignored all the calls to venture out for hedonism MCXVIICXVIIII and opted for a rather quiet evening with the Mayor. We dined at Two Urban Licks which was very good. I still believe it has one of the most beautiful interior decors. The smoked salmon chips were a great starter. I had the seared tuna and the Mayor chose the pork shoulder. I learned the next day how strong the infused vodka cocktails really are, plus I think we may have split a thief of wine. :)

Thursday was an absolute blast with the entire family down in Columbus, GA. Such a gorgeous day it was, with the high near 70 degrees. 35 of us joined together for an afternoon of wine, food, and generally catching up. It's funny, my mom is still so scared of the family finding out that I am gay, like it reflects poorly upon her as a mom and parent. But, I know that everyone knows. I mean, no longer do I get the questions like, "Are you dating anyone", or "I know this really cute Paulding County girl who works at my office". No sir, instead, I get, "When can I come stay with you at your condo and go out?".

After a delicious meal with desert, I headed over to Joel and Brad's for more wine. A fine group of friends spent the day over on Clemont drinkin' and socializing. ChrisGorman even brought his adorable new black pug puppy named Elfie. I, for one, or five, am not loving the name, however, she is very very cute. Then the night becomes a blur: I swing by Mark's to get Bret, then Halo, then WetBar.........So glad that I was not working on Friday.

Friday night, Beckyeah, Amy, and I went to PieBar for dinner. The food was excellent and very affordable. We stopped by Halo and of course, my favorite friday night spot Midcity Cafe. Summer was there and as usual was pouring stiffies from behind the bar.

Saturday was spent on call and in the hospital. realfunletmetellya. Four emergencies from the usual various spots: Paulding, Cherokee, Douglas, then Paulding. I never managed to make it home for more than an hour before the pager went off again..and again...and again. I was clearly over it when it went off a final time at 4:30am. Which bring me to Sunday, the busiest travel day of the entire year, and I was set to leave for San Jose for a job interview. Long story short: I made it (at 10:30pm) and the rest is history. I will keep you updated...

Aunt Carolyn, looking fabulous at 70 Posted by Picasa

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