Tuesday, April 25, 2006

souvenirs, novelties, party tricks

While I was attending birthday parties and bread pudding bake-offs this past weekend, others were home with a severe case of food poisoning. The Mayor and a few other members of the varsity squad were stricken with the illness after dining on guacamole at Zocalo's. Note to self: stay away from anything served in Lava rock bowls.

So yesterday I stopped by the Mayor's to check out the new home renovation and assist him in obtaining adequate hydration. Four days of vomiting and diarrhea leaves you quite dehydrated and looking rather puny. After a liter of saline had infused, he later informed me that he was finally able to void his bladder after nearly two days. so nice that I could assist him with his excretory functions.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

cause you're a risk and a borderline

I have to say they have done a very nice job with the new condo building across the street from me. Although I haven't seen the inside, I have had the opportunity to watch this structure being built starting with the demolition of an old apartment building and ending with the above picture. I know what people are saying.....don't we have a enough condos here in atlanta? and I know the market is probably saturated. this building has class though. it doesn't soar above the others looking exactly like my building and the four or five other by the same developer. now i have several friends who have purchased in the above building, and I am just waiting for an invite. i know the assistant is making the short move over....only I don't think his new balcony on the 5th floor provides for a quick exit.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If I had a photograph of you, something to remind me

I honestly cannot understand why someone would spend the money on a bluetooth headset then not take full advantage of its features. Today on my drive home from work I was nearly run out of the lane on spring street by some idiot in a bright yellow cobalt. I look over and see the flashing ear piece in place, only to notice that the driver is looking down at his phone and presumably flipping through the address book. Isn't the point of a "wireless" headset just that? to put the phone in the passenger seat, press the button on the side, and utilize the voice recognition software in an effort to pay closer attention to the road? come on people.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Here kitty kitty kitty.......

What a beautiful weekend it was down here in Atlanta. Now if it would only stay like this for a couple of months...

After a thorough condo cleaning Friday afternoon, I dined on sesame ginger baked salmon filet, spinach salad, and green peas. (you know, the ones in the silver can? guilty pleasure of mine that has extended into adulthood) and for someone who doesn't cook very often, I impressed myself. Kelli and anthony stopped by and we headed over to Mid City for a couple of drinks. the evening ended early as it should have only i vaguely remember placing a couple of unanswered phone calls just before going to sleep. must.put.down.phone.

Saturday morning I dropped by Piedmont Hospital to check on a friend who recently underwent urgent quintuple bypass surgery at the young age of 45. Just goes to show you really never know. and what a big part genetics play in heart disease.

Then it was off to lunch with my parents, where as usual, they ordered the exact same thing. every single time. Such creatures of habit we all become as we get older....i guess. but it was nice to catch up with them, and it made me realize how lucky I am to have family close by.

JohnBrown's impromptu dinner on Saturday night was a real treat. The tenderloin was tender and juicy, but the fried okra was nearly perfect. That has to be one of my favorite vegetables and I have yet to find anyone who can come close to my mom's. I will order it on occasion at the Piedmont Cafeteria only to be left with a fried batter ball and a small piece of frozen okra in the middle. Note to JohnBrown: mom says if you let the oil heat a little longer before putting the okra in you will end up with a crispier end product. After dinner, the 6 of us sat on the porch sipping wine and telling stories of college experiences, past vacations, and of course old Backstreet Days.

Sunday Easter brunch at Joel and Brad's was divine. Do you see a food theme here? Lasagna, fresh fruit, cheese, and mimosas. we sat on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful spring air. Then it was off to the leather tea dance at King Plow. It always makes me chuckle to see the hairy, leather daddys dressed in a harness and a nelly decorated easter hat. somehow that just doesn't equate. The DJ that we appropriately named T-Dance Pat, was busy in her white lattice-encased DJ booth throwing down some gospel house tunes with a lot of "hallelujahs" and "praise". But frankly I couldn't really dance to this type music. You end up just moving side to side, so I spent most of the party on the rooftop deck enjoying the sun and lack of humidity.

The evening ended with a dip in Joel and Brad's pool and a beautiful sunset. It was surreal. Other than the leaves rustling in the trees, it was a silent evening, reminding me so much of P-Town. Speaking of Ptown.......

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Now you've got me thinking

There is nothing worse than being hit with two pricey and unexpected bills, administrations, and/or loans in one week. My jeep that has been very good to me over the last seven years ended up costing me big time. I thought I was simply needing new brakes, yet I did notice over the last week that it seemed to be leaking oil.....ever so slowly. Turns out, the brakes are fine but the oil leak was a separate and expensive issue. I found myself looking online for a new car last night but it is hard to think about a $450 car payment when you haven't had one in a few years. So it's fixed now and I am happy. The second issue will probably be a two year process....

It has been a while since I have posted any of my new mixes so here is something I threw together for Bret's Birthday. Tracklist to follow..

DJ John Thompson's April Mix

1.oliver desmet & b. mccarthy - disco dust (original mix)
2.michael gray - borderline
3.kaskade - in this life (john Michael and balage hermosa's mix)
4.solu music feat kimblee - fade (grant nelson big room mix)
5.saint etienne - stars above us (eric kupper remix)
6.hott22 - i feel love
7.miguel migs - petalpushing (ian pooley dub)
8.martin solveig - jealousy (junior jack remix)
9.soul central - need you now (sergio flores mix)
10.chuck love - spread the love (miguel migs salted bump tech remix)
11.blaze feat barbara tucker - most precious love (copyright vocal club mix)
12.kerri chandler - so let the wind come

the link should be available for the next week or so. comments appreciated.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"This is Ardell, and what is the nature of your emergency at this very time?"

Ah.......Paulding County. Such a booming area for growth these days. And heart disease too. Today brought us young 36 year old Norman. Having already undergone a double bypass heart operation a few years ago, Norman was admitted to the hospital yesterday with chest pains. It seems it started last week when he was released from jail. Note: the charge was only child porn so he is harmless. Norman just can't seem to change his ways. Still butting 3 packs of smokes a day, he is anxious to get back to his job at the Waffle House out in Dallas, Georgia.

On a side note, I recently read that an ambulance company in Las Vegas has responded to the growing population of morbidly obese patients by purchasing "bariatric ambulances" equipped to haul patients in excess of 500 pounds. Apparently, in the last six months they have had over 75 calls that required extra man power to load and transport these "heavier" patients. The $250,000 ambulance, which looks like other ambulances only wider, comes complete a large-sized gurney, a winch, a full assortment of FUPA slings, and ramps capable of loading up to 1600 pounds. The company praises the new ambulance as it is much safer for the paramedic's back and is a better "stabilizer" for the patient. And according to the CDC, of Nevada's nearly 1.7 million adults, 21 percent or 357,000 are obese, and this was in 2004. Thankfully, the next generation ambulance may hold patients who tip the scale at 1000 pounds.

My question remains the same. When will people take responsibility for their lives?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

do it 2 nite

What a weekend it was. The most beautiful weather this year.

Friday = burgers and beers at Moe & Joe's, a trip by the Metropolis and then city living at its finest. We walked and enjoyed spring in Atlanta.

Saturday = apps at John Brown's. A great visit with Walt and Philip after nearly a year, the final performance of Urinetown, and Mrs. Pennywise in a FUPA starter sling.

Sunday = A visit from Mr. Margarita Daddy, a grand party for Bret's 40th, a meeting with Olivia, and a night cap at Blake's. Pictures below courtesy of Twon.

Monday = no Diane.... That's odd.

Of course PTown Barbie made an appearance Posted by Picasa
The Birthday boy and Twon Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Yes, I am back, and I apologize for the hiatus, but sometimes you just need a break. Not that there hasn't been anything to talk about of course.

This week has been exhausting. What started out on Tuesday as a mild case of the "STOMACH" (screamed in a loud voice) turned into a simultaneous vomit/diarrhea session chez moi complete with fever, chills, and body aches. At first thought, I found it easy to place blame on the burrito I purchased at Joey's Mexican in the bottom of my condo building. You see where the support for the local businesses gets you. But it turns out there is some sort of 24 hour "Rotavirus" going around. I cannot remember the last time I was sick with flu-like symptoms, and I quickly remember how miserable it can be. So today it was back to work thanks to Gatorade and Imodium.

Dinner tonight with TheBoyScout was nice until it turned increasingly awkward when discussion about our mutual flirtation and his recent overt and forward comments to me prompted him to act like it was nothing more than showing a little sass. Come on now, talk about setting double standards? sheesh.

The walk-thrus have commenced over at 905 Juniper. I have been very busy polishing my binoculars and can almost see the "Batman signal" courtesy of The Assistant....

This weekend promises several Dooley caravans from Paulding County with homemade strollers with beer holders and sleeveless knit tops. for the festival and all. Cause they can smell a funnel cake fryin' from 40 miles away.

Buschy's 40th birthday bash on 5th street. I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon than sitting on the porch sipping frozen margs with the boys.

Some touching? What's that?