Monday, March 21, 2005

It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

After my Friday ritual of sorting through new tunes at Satellite, I headed over to dinner at Todd and Brad's. The grilled tuna steaks were heavenly, accompanied by steamed broccoli and rice. I really wish I knew how to cook. Hoping for a quiet Friday night, the word "Heretic" was mentioned, and before you know it, I was on the dancefloor with 200 other queens. The place was packed, and a lot of fun. The hot boy from San Francisco that decided to hang out with us all night was a delight. And, of course, we stayed until the lights came on...pretty. And then it was off to chez moi for a little more fun. Note: Astroglide Gel should be called Astroglide paste. Frequent applications are needed...

After checking out the space at Shout on Saturday, we headed over to a housewarming party at Jeffrey's. It was great to see some old faces from the past and catch up over cocktails. His house looked really beautiful.

Next, we headed to Decatur for a birthday party for Rob and Brett. The place was filled with A-listers who all appeared well groomed in new shirts from Bloomingdales. Pretty boys indeed.

Then it was time for Sander Kleinenberg at Eleven50. We all "dropped" in at the say time, and soon were were shaking it to several 80's remixes on the dancefloor. Special guest appearances by my cute new DJ friend William and Brandon Sutton provided for much entertainment. As well as the big girl on the box in Gap Jeans...or the girl on the opposite box with hail damage on her legs. The visuals were okay, but I didn't pay much attention to them. I was happy to hear The Killers - Mr. Brightside as we walked out....very cool tune.

I spent the better part of Sunday morning running last minute errands before my debut at the new Sunday afternoon party "Out and About at Shout". After a few technical issues, I think I spun a descent set, and was even asked to spin past the 8pm hour. The place was crowded, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. I know I did. The next party is April 18, and I am hoping this might become a regular gig...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Boys night out

Last night the "Thump" party at Eleven50 was fun, though poorly attended. And it couldn't have anything to do with the wet, rainy, 38 degree weather in the middle of March. But you can never predict the weather in Atlanta, just ask Karen Minton. Jason Jones spun a great set, though it was a little hard toward the end. Though I haven't heard any feedback today, I am sure that this party has a lot of potential, especially with spring only a few weeks away. And the outside area of Eleven50 is a great space to sip cocktails and socialize. But that just wasn't the case last night. I still managed to have a good time. After several Ciroc vodka cocktails, I mysteriously found myself shirtless on the Heretic dancefloor with some boy's hands down my pants. Go figure.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New York you always bring it out in us

After a rather quiet weekend, I come to find that this week is going to be very busy. Dinner last night at MFsushi was lovely. The food was great but the company was even better. We laughed, we reminisced, we caught up. Somehow I felt like it was a Friday morning after Halo when I woke up, guess it was the two pitchers of Sake...

Tomorrow is the opening of Thump and I must say I am very excited. We have received a lot of press coverage, and I am hoping that a really diverse crowd will show up at Eleven50. Check out the article here.

The weekend is ahead. And I can't be more excited to be a part of "Out and about at Shout". I have been asked to spin this Sunday afternoon party over at Colony Square. The money raised will go to the Toy Party. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. More on this later.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Red Red Wine...

Last night was much fun. But I am paying for it today. I woke up this morning with a raging headache and red wine mouth. You know, that sticky, parched feeling you get after gulping glass after glass the night before? Well, this is how it all happened...

I stopped by Satellite Records on in Little 5 yesterday for a little therapy, I mean record shopping. I was greeted by my oh so cute dj friend Brett, and proceeded to spend two hours up in there going through about 60 records. Brett kept bringing record after record, and I must admit, I felt like a "big time dj". In fact, one guy in the store commented, "Brett, how come you don't bring me records to listen to?" He just replied, "I don't know what style of music you like."

After a bite of dinner and a quick change, Robert stopped by and we headed over to Mid City lofts for Brandon's birthday fete. The clubhouse up on the roof has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline. It would make a great pool party......does anyone need a dj? The party was nice, and the red wine was flowing and flowing....and flowing.

Next, we popped into Halo. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same scene from the night before, but the music was cool. Very latin influenced, with a guy playing drums to the beat of the music. I enjoyed this, and have only seen this once before at MJQ.

I convinced Robert to brave the cold and walk a few blocks down to Bazzaar. You see, my friend Brett was spinning and I wanted to show him a little support. The place was near empty, and Brett smiled when he saw Robert and I approaching. Turns out the crowd was pretty lame last night, and he was a bit disappointed. After finishing his set, he sat down for a quick chat. We talked about music, parties, djs, and as you can imagine, I was in my element. And, I scored a couple of new cds!

So, that brings us to now. I really didn't think I was overserved last night, but I sure feel like it today. And it is really beautiful outside.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Let the sunshine in

When my cell phone alarm sounded at 4:45 this morning, I wanted nothing more than to hit snooze and drift back to sleep. Instead, I got up and headed to the gym, with new tunes on my mp3 player (or m3p player as Baton Bob calls it). I didn't realize that we were right at the freezing point until I got outside, but the brisk air was refreshing. You see, I really enjoy cold weather, and I know that we only have a few weeks before it gets warm in Atlanta (though I heard someone at work today tell me the current prediction (and I mean prediction) was for snow!).

When I arrived back home, I was greeted by one of the most beautiful sunrises. You see, I am usually well on my way to work before the sun clears the horizon, but today I didn't have to go in until after 9am, so I was able to enjoy this moment. I quickly grabbed my new digital camera in an effort to capture this on film. As I stood on my balcony with a cup of joe in hand, I realized what a beautiful view I have. The sun was just coming up and the outline of Stone Mountain in contrast with the various hues of purple, pink, orange and red was simply stunning. And it was really amazing to see how quickly this palette of colors was changing. It really put a smile on my face. And so my day really began.

hmm..., it does go well with the chicken

After my rare but much needed cathartic event last night, I have made some casual observations and come to a few conclusions"

  • People in America are obese, morbidly obese.
  • The Piedmont cafeteria serves fried chicken every single day. And we wonder why heart disease is the number one killer in America?
  • Some people dress up to go to the gym, even going so far as to put product in their hair.
  • I really do need a haircut.

Ever heard of Mylo? This guy is creating quite a stir in the music community. His remix of Moby - "Lift me Up" is excellent. BTW, I heard Moby will be appearing at the Tabernacle in a couple of months!

Oh, and I really do need a haircut.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Pop a cap in yo ass

Well, another weekend has come to an end. and, of course, I was exhausted today, mainly due to my insomnia and very strange dreams last night.

I spent a couple of hours at EDs records on Friday afternoon sifting through stacks of vinyl. Yes, I finally got my turntable back from Scott and have decided to devote some time to mastering the wax. And it has shown to be a lot of fun, yet very frustrating at the same time. Makes you have a lot of respect for these big house djs that layer track upon track without a hint of a gallop or a competing bassline. I'll get there one day, one day...

  • New Ben Watt track "Pop a cap in yo ass" rocks, check out his record label.
  • The follow-up track to "How would you feel" by David Morales titled "Here I am" is also very nice and housey with remix by Kaskade. Rumor has it that Atlanta just might see the return of Kaskade to a popular Wednesday night party in the future :)
  • The track "Everything" from Kaskade's most recent album "In the Moment" should be released soon as a single on OM records. Sound clips can be heard at the website, or here.

Dinner at Robert's Friday night was very good. We talked, we drank red wine, we listened to music. We then headed to a party on Argonne Ave. in a beautiful home soon to be featured on the Midtown Tour of Homes. I caught up with some old friends and was in bed by 1am.

Anthony came over on Saturday for a little 'mixin on the turntables. I must tell you that he has become quite the mixmeister and I believe he may be ready to tackle the wax.

The gang congregated at Todd/Brad's on Saturday night for some 'roated' chicken and several bottles of red wine. A few of the boys headed out dancing at the Masquerade late in the night and I settled down for a long nap on Todd's couch. But, I did not wake up alone. I found Diane snuggling up next to me around 11am.

Dropped by Chris' house on Sunday for a cookout, but had to leave early to meet with my group from Thump. The party starts in just over a week, and I am getting very excited.

Now, back to my dream. I finally drifted off to sleep around 2 am. In the dream, I ended up at a Bath House in Taiwan with two guys from Atlanta. (from very different social circles) it's funny, I usually never remember my dreams. I wonder what it all means? Note: no nocturnal emission to speak of..

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Or So the Story Goes

Well, I finally have my Jeep back. Did I tell you how much the repairs cost? A mere $851, but I'm not complaining, as it beats taking MARTA. Now there is a joke. As I stood on the street corner Wednesday morning in the 30 degree weather, watching all the hot construction men (and I mean men) going to work on the new tower of glass aka 'Spire', I realized how much I appreciated having a car. Now MARTA is SUPPOSED to run up and down Peachtree Street, with a bus arriving every 8 minutes. That was not the case Wednesday morning. After waiting for 40 minutes, I jumped on the first available bus, only to find it stops at Art Center Station only to go back downtown. To make a long and boring story short, I arrived late for work, and I left my condo over 60 minutes in advance. I shoulda just walked I guess, woulda been faster.

I found myself in an interesting conversation today at work with one of the vendors. We were discussing whether or not heart disease spans all socioeconomic backgrounds, as I have found in my experience that it is predominately uneducated patients from more rural and underdeveloped areas. That is not to say that we don't find the occasional Buckhead Betty with a blockage in her heart, or the occasional Ansley queen (though most of the gay guys are related to spasm from guess what? ....too much meth aka 'Linda' on the weekends). The majority of the patients who come to us are from the N. Georgia mountains, or Douglasville, or even better, Dallas. I call them "Paulding County specials". They normally have a high "tooth to tattoo ratio", nicotine stains between the first two fingers from their 3-4 ppd smoking habit, and are in very poor dental health. Now I know it isn't my place to judge these people. What I did identify was the lack of health education these people receive. Many still have the mentality that if you don't go to the doctor, or are never in the hospital, then you are healthy. What happened to preventative medicine? I guess we just need better community health resources and education, but I start to wonder if this will ever help. Okay, now I shall move on.

Turns out my favorite tune, Harry Peat - Affrodizziac, set to be released this past Tuesday, has been put on hold once again. I almost think it may never happen, but Jody over at Alternative Route is setting me up the the white label. It's gonna rock and shall make my next CD.

The new impulse is coming, and promises to be a lot of fun. Check out our website, for Thump! More info to come.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Ever have one of those days when you wish you could just go back to bed and start all over? Well, that would be today for me. I awoke completely congested. The first thing that came to mind was, "am I getting a sinus infection?" Probably attributed to all of the meetings with Wendell this past weekend. After realizing that I didn't have any food at home, I decided that I would leave for work early to stop by the cafeteria for breakfast. You can get eggs, bacon, and a biscuit at the Piedmont Hospital cafeteria for under $2.50. Now that is a deal.

As I went to crank my car, I found the battery to be dead. And I mean dead. Luckily, I spotted my friend Scott in the parking deck and he jumped me off, literally. I dropped my car off at the jeep dealer, only then realizing that is is 30 degrees outside, and I had to walk half a mile to the nearest MARTA bus stop. After waiting in 30 degree weather and flurries without a coat and major congestion, I finally caught a bus to work. What a fucking day. I was over it by 10am.

Now, I am back from my solo dinner at Stool Pigeons where an 18 year old (that works at the restaurant) sat with me and hit on me the entire meal. Lovely. Now, I am going to bed.