Friday, March 18, 2005

Boys night out

Last night the "Thump" party at Eleven50 was fun, though poorly attended. And it couldn't have anything to do with the wet, rainy, 38 degree weather in the middle of March. But you can never predict the weather in Atlanta, just ask Karen Minton. Jason Jones spun a great set, though it was a little hard toward the end. Though I haven't heard any feedback today, I am sure that this party has a lot of potential, especially with spring only a few weeks away. And the outside area of Eleven50 is a great space to sip cocktails and socialize. But that just wasn't the case last night. I still managed to have a good time. After several Ciroc vodka cocktails, I mysteriously found myself shirtless on the Heretic dancefloor with some boy's hands down my pants. Go figure.

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