Thursday, August 25, 2005

Have you seen Her?

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The operating room is a demanding environment, where high expectations must be met with confidence and a certain tenacity. Aurora is up to the challenge. Educated and experienced, Aurora is wearing a Proxima Aurora surgical gown. Featuring Suprel medical fabric from Dupont, Aurora gowns provide her with uncompromising comfort and protection. A coordinating bouffant cap and shoe covers complete this highly protective ensemble.

I try to be just like Aurora every day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Burnin' Out

I come across all kinds of people in my line of work. Heart disease affects everyone, afterall, it is the number one cause of death. A large majority of the patients treated at Piedmont are from the outlying counties, such as Paulding, Cherokee, and Putnam. My reasoning is the lack of education and primary preventative health care for these people. Today was no exception. The 58 year-old-disabled-because-of-chronic-back-problems-cherokee-county-special on the table decided it was a good idea to tell me about his experiences with illicit drugs. First he described his trips on LSD and how horrible the comedown was. Then he told me what a great experience he had on crystal meth, and how he was up for over four days. Now I know where my tax dollars are going.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Feelin' Blue

Though it didn't come as a surprise, it seems that another member of our group heading to P-Town has withdrawn. And it was for good reason, though he has known about this project for quite some time. I am only sorry that he will be unable to join in the fun.

With my first Shout event in almost two months, I have been busy compiling new music. I was beginning to think that the attendance had dropped simply because my sets have become too...predictable. Even though the record labels seem to slow down during the summer months and release less material, I seem to have found a nice arsenal of new tunes to share with my audience. Oh, and did I mention that this week's featured charity is Action Cycling Atlanta? They have raised thousands of dollars for the AIDS vaccine, so the cause is very important to me and my community.

There are a few tracks I have come across recently that may fall in the category of "butter". to be honest, I am not sure if this term has ever been properly defined. I have overhead Chris and the assistant loosely using this word in casual conversation, but what does it all mean? Can a track that has vocals be considered butter? Is itPure melodic bliss? Driving and building basslines? I encourage the Assistant to shed some light on this subject.....

Monday, August 22, 2005

Let the countdown begin... P'Town that is. Honestly, I have become a little antsy. I have trouble concentrating at work, I find that my patients and their families are getting on my nerves, and it just seems that I want to work less and less. All signs point to someone in need of a vacation...but there are still so many things to be done before leaving.

Such as shopping. Bret and I braved the big mall Saturday morning in search of a few necessary P-Town items: jeans, shoes, and sunglasses. You see, unlike the sultry 75 degree weather here in Atlanta, you can actually go out in jeans in P-Town, and even carry a long sleeve shirt to put on later as it may drop into the 50's at some point in the evening. Unfortunately, we completely failed in our mission. Bret couldn't find the right pair of glasses and they didn't have a single pair of Diesel jeans in my size. So, we moved on.....

Saturday night we put on our dancin' shoes to shake it to the beats of Peter Rauhofer. I was excited to hear him spin as he was making his debut appearance in the ATL, and as a DJ and music lover, I wanted to show some support. The party was real real fun. I danced the entire night, only stopping to buy an occasional "water" at the bar. What is up with that? The last event I attended at the Abbey was on a Sunday night with a full bar. Note to R.C. and Will: queens will drink liquor whether they are doing drugs or not, so pour 'em big and strong, you know, how I like my men and all..

Saturday night's festivities left me in the A/C yesterday, as I was sure that I would be overcome with waves of nausea if I ventured out. And my hip flexors were aching, from dancin' and stuff. I did manage to have a bite with Todd and Brad, and drop by the Mayor's for the final episode of Six Feet Under, only to fall asleep on the couch 15 minutes into the show. What great company I must be.

This week, I put the final touches on my P'Town 2005 CDs and gear up for the next Out & About @ Shout event on Sunday. Maybe I will spend some time with the Assistant. After all, we do have some work to do....

Monday, August 15, 2005

Do Your Thing

I wonder What time Sam's Club opens tomorrow? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'll buy that for a dollar....

I usually don't drink during the week. Let me take that back. I usually don't drink (excessively) on Tuesday nights. Last night, however, was the exception. After picking up banana and chocolate creme tarts from Alon's, I went over to JB's for a little dinner party. Edward from Miami joined us, as well as his friend Ellis, who recently moved back to Atlanta to be the Artistic director (i think) of the Atlanta Opera. We sat on JB's front porch drinking wine and talking until nearly 9pm. The nightly thunderstorms cooled the air and really kept the mosquitos away for the most part. We dined on gazpacho, baked chicken, and asparagus. Naturally, my favorite part of the meal was desert. Then it was back to the porch for a few after dinner glasses of wine. I swear I must have consumed a magnum of white wine during the course of the evening. As we (or maybe it was me talking here) were discussing JB's tall and handsome neighbor who lives up the street, who should arrive on the porch for a drink? You guessed it. Of course he didn't remember meeting me at Chris's going away party, but they never do. I was embarrassed as I am sure he heard us talking about him as he walked up the driveway. Luckily, it was all compliments.....

I woke up this morning to Diane making the coffee. She told me Erik had kicked her out yesterday and she had no place to go....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Who is afraid of a little rain?

Not I. The weekend started off innocent enough. It always does when you are on call and want to avoid all of the riffraff. After two nights of 8+ hours of sleep, regular visits to the gym, and no alcohol, I was ready for a little fun. Bret picked me up Sunday morning and we went to Sun in my Belly for brunch. Turns out, they have live music on Sunday mornings, and woman singing had an amazing voice. Next, we went for a long walk through the park. Bret was sweating out all of the alcohol from the night before, and I was just taking in some of the scenery.

We picked up Trey and headed over to Joe's for lunch on the patio. 3 pitchers of margaritas later, I had a nasty case of heartburn and Bret was ready to retire to his humble abode. So Dan and I went back to my place for more beer and a little DJ session courtesy of moi. JohnBrown stopped by with a gift he picked up for me on one of his recent travels. Then Doug and Karen came over and we talked and stuff. Next, we walked over to Blayke's for a skinny, and Dan headed home. So Doug, Karen, and I skated over to JohnBrown's house. Doug and I decided on our walk that we would be the co-captains of the Provincetown welcoming committee next month, complete with welcome bags for our group. Even going so far as to coming up with a theme for the week. Very important stuff here. Stay tuned.

Upon arriving at JohnBrown's, we were greeted by a full on drag performance by the master himself, sans the roller skates. I took it upon myself to show off some of my signature break dance moves, including the "worm" on the dining room floor. Next, we went back to Blayke's where we met a nice group of boys out celebrating a birthday. Things get a little fuzzy here. I remember comparing areolas in the middle of the bar, and I must add that Erik's are by far the biggest, and resemble cafe-au-lait spots. The short, salt and pepper boy was content with rubbing my back, and I was well, drinking a skinny. Then we went to Gilbert's where I felt the need to vomick, so I excused myself without saying goodbye, and stumbled home. Luckily, I did not get sick, but somehow picked Diane up on the short walk home. She left This afternoon when I picked up some fried chicken in the cafeteria. Diane hates grease.....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You don't know, what you do to me

Last night I joined Bret and Trey for dinner at Piebar. This was my second time frequenting this establishment, and I will say that I had a better experience. Last week was the second night in operation, and things such as slow service are to be expected. We utilized the "call ahead" seating feature, only to be told on the phone that there was plenty of seating available. The hostess did not, however, elaborate as to whether that meant inside or not. The cute "otter" parking cars was delightful, and we were seated immediately outside on the porch that has a "big top tent" covering it. The crowd outside was full-on Buckhead. It seems that the large groups of girls left BCBG at Lenox and bypassed The Tavern at Phipps and headed STRAIGHT for Monroe. I counted at least seven Kate Spade purses.

It did take a little longer to receive our drinks, and I was still disappointed that they served us cold beer in plastic. Trey saw several of his students from Grady High School, and when one of them stopped by our table to chat, I inquired as to why the wine and beer came in plastic. He replied, "because we will end up breaking them or dropping them". I guess I can understand the theory behind plastic out on the porch, as I was sitting right near railing where a Porsche Boxter resided below me. But what about inside the restaurant and at the bar? Erik is still waiting for a response from the restaurant, as he emailed them on this topic last week.

The food was excellent. I had the asian pear salad with vinaigrette dressing. very tasty and light. I ordered a 1/2 pizza with sausage that was very good as well. I noticed the "caesar" pizza with lettuce and fresh anchovy filets that I ordered last week has been removed from the menu, and for good reason.

As we were leaving later in the evening, I noticed that the crowd was much more diverse. And you must exit on the bottom floor, which we didn't and were quickly informed by the valet attendant. Oh, and the hottie latin bartender with the big arms was there so I was happy.

TOTD: Missy Elliott - Lose Control. With mixes from Stonebridge, The Scumfrog, and Jacques Le Cont, this is definitely one of my favorite tunes at the moment. It's fun, and I had to go online to look up the lyrics because I can't understand what the hell she is saying. Turns out that very few of the words are in the english language. Frankgreen says that the DJ at the A-House in P-Town is playing two different versions, so It is a much for my next CD.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I've got a cute face, chubby waist.....

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This weekend brought a wedding for a good friend from college, someone who I just realized that I have known for ten years, and managed to keep in touch with regularly. We met when we were both freshman at UGA, and she soon became good friends with many of the guys in my fraternity, and eventually became a little sister of ATO. Knowing that I would see many of my fraternity brothers this weekend, I was hesitant to bring a date. They all know that I am gay, but I am not sure how they would react if I brought a guy with me to the wedding. So, I decided that Beck"yeah" would be the best choice, and since she was already on the guest list, we made perfect dates. And, we were by far the best dressed couple there.....surprise.

After a 3 hour drive to Clayton, Georgia, we checked into the Kingwood Golf Club and Resort. What a beautiful area: nestled in the mountains in North Georgia, only minutes from the North Carolina border, just over an hour from Asheville, and not too far from Highlands. The resort really reminded me of Dirty Dancing, and I couldn't help but recite the line in my head as I pulled in to park "nobody puts baby in a corner".

Becky and I drove over to Chota Falls, the site of both the friday night party and the wedding to follow on Saturday. The party Friday night was nice, though not what I was expecting. The invitation said "join us for cocktails and desert". Instead, we were greeted with kegs of beer in trash cans and homemade cookies. We laughed in the car ride over about the definition of a "Chota" as I thought it was describing a body part such as the "taint". It was nice to see many of my friends from college, and hear about what I going on in their lives. And it never ceases to amaze me how different my life is from theirs.

Becky and I decided to go explore the wonderful city of Clayton during the day on Saturday. We traveled over to Rabun Gap, a college preparatory school, that is really beautiful. We stopped by The Dillard House, and watched the little kids at the petting zoo. Then we met up with some of our college friends for lunch in downtown Clayton. Very exciting stuff here. After a nap, we headed back over to Chota Falls for the wedding. The weather could not have been better for an outdoor wedding: cloudy and only about 70 degrees. The reception was fun, and I had the opportunity to catch up with some of my fraternity brothers, and there were probably 15 of them in attendance. This is where things got interesting. The shuttle arrived around 11pm to take everyone back to the resort where we were staying. One of my fraternity brothers was staying at a nearby hotel, but decided to ride the shuttle over to our place. I change clothes and met up with everyone a few rooms down for some late night drinking. Shortly after 2am, I retired solo back to our room. 15 minutes later, Becky arrives and we get ready for bed. Next thing you know, there is a knock on the door and a certain someone is looking for a place to stay. Becky offers up here bed and says she will sleep with me. Well folks, this GUY claims he would rather sleep in the bed with me. Now I have had suspicions in the past that this guy could be gay, even back in college when he lived across from me in the fraternity house. But I also knew that he was the type of guy that would never come out of the closet: you know, him being southern boy from Toccoa, Georgia makes it difficult.

Here I am in bed with nothing more than a pair of grippers, and he jumps right in bed with me, only to remark that he could tell that I have been working out?! Stranger things have happened....

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