Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You don't know, what you do to me

Last night I joined Bret and Trey for dinner at Piebar. This was my second time frequenting this establishment, and I will say that I had a better experience. Last week was the second night in operation, and things such as slow service are to be expected. We utilized the "call ahead" seating feature, only to be told on the phone that there was plenty of seating available. The hostess did not, however, elaborate as to whether that meant inside or not. The cute "otter" parking cars was delightful, and we were seated immediately outside on the porch that has a "big top tent" covering it. The crowd outside was full-on Buckhead. It seems that the large groups of girls left BCBG at Lenox and bypassed The Tavern at Phipps and headed STRAIGHT for Monroe. I counted at least seven Kate Spade purses.

It did take a little longer to receive our drinks, and I was still disappointed that they served us cold beer in plastic. Trey saw several of his students from Grady High School, and when one of them stopped by our table to chat, I inquired as to why the wine and beer came in plastic. He replied, "because we will end up breaking them or dropping them". I guess I can understand the theory behind plastic out on the porch, as I was sitting right near railing where a Porsche Boxter resided below me. But what about inside the restaurant and at the bar? Erik is still waiting for a response from the restaurant, as he emailed them on this topic last week.

The food was excellent. I had the asian pear salad with vinaigrette dressing. very tasty and light. I ordered a 1/2 pizza with sausage that was very good as well. I noticed the "caesar" pizza with lettuce and fresh anchovy filets that I ordered last week has been removed from the menu, and for good reason.

As we were leaving later in the evening, I noticed that the crowd was much more diverse. And you must exit on the bottom floor, which we didn't and were quickly informed by the valet attendant. Oh, and the hottie latin bartender with the big arms was there so I was happy.

TOTD: Missy Elliott - Lose Control. With mixes from Stonebridge, The Scumfrog, and Jacques Le Cont, this is definitely one of my favorite tunes at the moment. It's fun, and I had to go online to look up the lyrics because I can't understand what the hell she is saying. Turns out that very few of the words are in the english language. Frankgreen says that the DJ at the A-House in P-Town is playing two different versions, so It is a much for my next CD.

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Scott Melton said...

Hello guys,
I am Scott a manager here at Piebar and would like to set the record straight on a few things. Plastic- it was a decision by Bob Amick to stay with a retro theme from the 60's when the building was built,glasses,plates,etc.all plastic! The same as the music we downloaded,all 60's-70's music. Thank you for the compliments on the food and hope to see you soon.