Wednesday, September 27, 2006

now i just can't stand being turned on my head

i should have known that this just wouldn't be my day. my decision to pop a couple of advil pms for some minor muscle soreness brought on crazy dreams, restless sleep, and general fatigue today. why did i dream about having sex with my ex-boyfriend in the basement of someone's home with two coworkers in the adjacent room smoking pot? even worse, i am greeted by the very aforementioned coworkers upon arrival to work today.

you would think that after two weeks of vacation, i would be able to see past all the problems at work. but not on today.

the only thing that has saved this day is seeing salty mcdadderton at the gym. you know, the uber-hot-extremely-rare-second-series-limited-print-pocket-gay-artist that moved to new york and has returned to the a-t-l. with a head full of salt 'n pepper. he just makes me weak, and i could even get past the fact that he is shorter than I am. there is something about the way a man carries himself that is extremely sexy, and this one has a strut that exudes confidence. i'll take one night stand for $1000, alex....

now i am off to dinner with one of the most beautiful women i know. bye.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i went off the deep end for the weekend....over my head

so many things going on in my head today.........

i have solidified the promise to my self that I won't get into a relationship where i have to clear my every move i make with my boyfriend. there is something about losing your identity and becoming "john and _____" that just makes being single seem so much more desirable. hell, i would settle for a lousy date. boyfriend? who's talking about a relationship, i hardly know what that is.

should i make a ptown revisited cd? going through the music last night, i realize once again how many times artists, djs, and remixers sample old basslines, riffs, and melodies from old songs. take Axwell's remix of bob sinclair - world, hold on (or werque, hold on according to toddsharley), you could easily throw the acapella of Cyndi Lauper - time over time and it would become a fun mashup. would it be called, "world, hold on to your time?"

so flattering to be cruised at the CVS by the local pharmacist. you know, eye contact and all. but for him to come from behind the counter and start straightening the rows of orbit and eclipse gum, well that is plain obvious. but i ain't complainin'.

what i thought would be a quiet week without call is starting to make me nervous. birthdays, dinner parties, cocktails. a recipe for disaster cake.

i received one of the most sincere thank you cards from a dear friend today that almost made me cry. such a wonderful and charming person, i do really love him. and don't even get me started about his sense of humor......"WHAT? FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS? WHAT?"

gotta go, cause i'm damn' thirsty

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm lost without your love

so it was a very low key weekend for me, as I was on call friday and saturday, and I have some ptown bills to pay. after a 15 hour work day on friday, i finally ventured out to a cookout on 8th street on saturday afternoon. the food was great, kelli made a fantastic guacamole and I, of course, made the frozen margaritas. we listened and (sort of)watched the UGA/Colorado game. until the 4th quarter when UGA made a big big comeback. i never saw that coming.

Sunday was all about food, friends, and family. John Brown hosted a fabulous brunch with the six guys that stayed in our house in ptown, plus the gracious hosts two doors down, joel and brad. we had scrambled eggs (what's the secret peter, mine are never that fluffy), sausage, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, ......oh and of course, mimosas. as we sat on the porch eating breakfast with the raining coming down, we laughed and reminisced about our trip to ptown. i know i say it all the time, but i am really lucky to have such great friends in my life. It made me think about this picture that johnbrown and i saw in an art gallery up in ptown.

It read, "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves". and that couldn't be any more true for me. Posted by Picasa

i spent my saturday afternoon out in scarietta with my family. it was really nice catching up with my sister, brother-in-law, and my 5 year old niece pictured below. who by the way has lost her second tooth and she is real real proud of that. she has also given up ballet to pursue
soccer, and according to my sister, the games are a real sight. imagine 10 little girls running around the field in a huddle with a soccer ball. they finally scored a goal in last week's game.

my poor sister is pregnant and due in the next two weeks, and couldn't appear more miserable. this is their second (and probably last) child so they chose to keep the sex of the baby a secret. they have chosen the name Carter if it is a boy and Kendall if it is a girl. when I asked my niece whether she wanted a brother or sister, she replied, "I want a brother, but if it is a boy, well, I will deal with that".

mom cooked a traditional southern meal: fried chicken, green beans, butter peas, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and for dessert, chocolate cake with buttercreme icing. I left their house extremely full and with leftovers in hand.

and so a quiet weekend comes to an end.

next up: Wine over Water in Chattanooga. I hope the weather is nice. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 21, 2006

loosen up my buttons baby...

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...from a broken heart. joel thinks i should take a picture of myself in the above shirt that beaux sent me, and sent it to LaSalle.....

well after the boyscout and i enjoyed a few margaritas and an escherichia coli free dinner early last night, i dropped him off at hartsfield-jackson to fly out west to see his family. it was entertaining because he is as nervous to fly as I am, even having to go so far as to pop a couple of Zaynecks before getting on the plane.

and with the weather staying as beautiful as it has, i donned a smart wrap, jumped on my bike, and met joel in the park. of course, after a few laps the only thing i could think about was a smart cocktail, and joel was getting hungry. we rode past joe's only to run into an old boyfriend and a mutual friend. it was clear they were on a date, so I capitalized on the moment and put them on the spot. sorry.

we rode on looking for a place with outdoor seating and a scene and found that fresh2order was the place to be. several members of the big bicep club were already there. joel told me all kinds of old dancefloor stories involving the aforementioned club members, and we had light salads and a bottle of wine.

being a gentleman and all, i offered to follow the lady home on my bike. for some reason, we stopped by jm's house on 8th street for a pop in (and i for one know some people don't like that) only to find he and his mom up having a late night drink. well, she was quick to inform me that she had been up for 22 hours, had recently taken an ambien, and was having a scotch before bed. lord, someone keep her out of the pill box. she was tore up, and started asking me thinks like "do you still luuuv jeffrey". but she did pull out the cheese and crackers and put together quite a spread at 11pm at night. we quickly departed, and it was home for me. neat.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I call it love

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I think you're wasted......Probably.

nothing like misheard lyrics.

i have no idea why I would schedule myself to be on call the monday after returning from a two week vacation, but i did. everyone at work was glad to see me, saying i looked well rested. if they only knew of my sunday evening shennanigans. geez. but i do have a nice tan so it covers my rosacea well. thankfully, i wasn't called in for FUPA duty last night and I rested quite well.

the boyscout is in a much better place, and for that I am thankful. I thought i was going to have to put him on suicide watch there for a minute. it seems that he got his GROOVE back as well, and had quite a prosperous back to back weekend at the WetBar. guess it just takes getting laid sometimes to break someone out of a depression, sadness, or just generalized funk or dry spell. in fact, he was kinda randy at work today which was fun and stimulating. i tell you it's hard to hide arousal when you are wearing scrubs and boxer shorts. yikes.

work was slow today so i had an opportunity to visit a friend who traveled with us to ptown and came in today for an unplanned surgery. thankfully, she cruised right through surgery and i found her in the recovery room to be pain free and actually quite jovial. she told me that i looked cute in scrubs, and when i asked her if i could do anything for her, she replied, "yes, grab my bag over there and get me my makeup". get well soon Lee.

i caught up with a friend at work who actually grew up along the cape as a child, and still has a house up there. as I was telling her my plan to try and spend more time in Ptown, she informed me that Cape Cod Hospital just started up an open heart program. Can you say travel nurse? food for thought for sure.

and then there is the weather. i wasn't sure it was going to clear up after the cloud cover i encountered this morning. nothing felt more like ptown than the hour bike ride through the park and ansley with the temp right at 73 degrees. it is days like this that reminds me of how beautiful atlanta really is.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Takin' it back

so nice of diane to welcome me back to reality this morning. just in time to go back to work after a two week hiatus in ptown. it was truly an amazing trip. and my friends are the reason I had such a great time.

here is what i remember, as we are planning a Ptown Post Partum Recovery and Piece Together the two weeks Party next week.....

i danced my ass off at Red Lobster, I mean the A House...almost every night, got my GROOVE back, drank a lot of skinnys (somehow only caught a glimpse of diane), ate some amazing seafood, shopped, drank, experienced many beautiful sunsets, talked to olivia, laughed incessantly at varla jean, went to the atm every night (it grows on trees, right?), turned the light switch on and left it there, drank some more, cried with a very close friend, laughed until my side hurt, went on long bike rides, dressed in drag (hey davita and cmb), caught the showgirls finale awards with none other than debby downer aka jack osbourne, made some really great musical connections, met some of the greatest guys, and generally tried my hardest to relax......and that was real real tough.

ptown doesn't suck.

happy monday.
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much like myself, coco really had a hard time relaxing in ptown... Posted by Picasa
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and there is jack, one of the many handsome men I met in ptown. Posted by Picasa
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