Thursday, September 21, 2006

...from a broken heart. joel thinks i should take a picture of myself in the above shirt that beaux sent me, and sent it to LaSalle.....

well after the boyscout and i enjoyed a few margaritas and an escherichia coli free dinner early last night, i dropped him off at hartsfield-jackson to fly out west to see his family. it was entertaining because he is as nervous to fly as I am, even having to go so far as to pop a couple of Zaynecks before getting on the plane.

and with the weather staying as beautiful as it has, i donned a smart wrap, jumped on my bike, and met joel in the park. of course, after a few laps the only thing i could think about was a smart cocktail, and joel was getting hungry. we rode past joe's only to run into an old boyfriend and a mutual friend. it was clear they were on a date, so I capitalized on the moment and put them on the spot. sorry.

we rode on looking for a place with outdoor seating and a scene and found that fresh2order was the place to be. several members of the big bicep club were already there. joel told me all kinds of old dancefloor stories involving the aforementioned club members, and we had light salads and a bottle of wine.

being a gentleman and all, i offered to follow the lady home on my bike. for some reason, we stopped by jm's house on 8th street for a pop in (and i for one know some people don't like that) only to find he and his mom up having a late night drink. well, she was quick to inform me that she had been up for 22 hours, had recently taken an ambien, and was having a scotch before bed. lord, someone keep her out of the pill box. she was tore up, and started asking me thinks like "do you still luuuv jeffrey". but she did pull out the cheese and crackers and put together quite a spread at 11pm at night. we quickly departed, and it was home for me. neat.

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