Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I think you're wasted......Probably.

nothing like misheard lyrics.

i have no idea why I would schedule myself to be on call the monday after returning from a two week vacation, but i did. everyone at work was glad to see me, saying i looked well rested. if they only knew of my sunday evening shennanigans. geez. but i do have a nice tan so it covers my rosacea well. thankfully, i wasn't called in for FUPA duty last night and I rested quite well.

the boyscout is in a much better place, and for that I am thankful. I thought i was going to have to put him on suicide watch there for a minute. it seems that he got his GROOVE back as well, and had quite a prosperous back to back weekend at the WetBar. guess it just takes getting laid sometimes to break someone out of a depression, sadness, or just generalized funk or dry spell. in fact, he was kinda randy at work today which was fun and stimulating. i tell you it's hard to hide arousal when you are wearing scrubs and boxer shorts. yikes.

work was slow today so i had an opportunity to visit a friend who traveled with us to ptown and came in today for an unplanned surgery. thankfully, she cruised right through surgery and i found her in the recovery room to be pain free and actually quite jovial. she told me that i looked cute in scrubs, and when i asked her if i could do anything for her, she replied, "yes, grab my bag over there and get me my makeup". get well soon Lee.

i caught up with a friend at work who actually grew up along the cape as a child, and still has a house up there. as I was telling her my plan to try and spend more time in Ptown, she informed me that Cape Cod Hospital just started up an open heart program. Can you say travel nurse? food for thought for sure.

and then there is the weather. i wasn't sure it was going to clear up after the cloud cover i encountered this morning. nothing felt more like ptown than the hour bike ride through the park and ansley with the temp right at 73 degrees. it is days like this that reminds me of how beautiful atlanta really is.

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