Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm lost without your love

so it was a very low key weekend for me, as I was on call friday and saturday, and I have some ptown bills to pay. after a 15 hour work day on friday, i finally ventured out to a cookout on 8th street on saturday afternoon. the food was great, kelli made a fantastic guacamole and I, of course, made the frozen margaritas. we listened and (sort of)watched the UGA/Colorado game. until the 4th quarter when UGA made a big big comeback. i never saw that coming.

Sunday was all about food, friends, and family. John Brown hosted a fabulous brunch with the six guys that stayed in our house in ptown, plus the gracious hosts two doors down, joel and brad. we had scrambled eggs (what's the secret peter, mine are never that fluffy), sausage, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, ......oh and of course, mimosas. as we sat on the porch eating breakfast with the raining coming down, we laughed and reminisced about our trip to ptown. i know i say it all the time, but i am really lucky to have such great friends in my life. It made me think about this picture that johnbrown and i saw in an art gallery up in ptown.

It read, "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves". and that couldn't be any more true for me. Posted by Picasa

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