Monday, September 18, 2006

Takin' it back

so nice of diane to welcome me back to reality this morning. just in time to go back to work after a two week hiatus in ptown. it was truly an amazing trip. and my friends are the reason I had such a great time.

here is what i remember, as we are planning a Ptown Post Partum Recovery and Piece Together the two weeks Party next week.....

i danced my ass off at Red Lobster, I mean the A House...almost every night, got my GROOVE back, drank a lot of skinnys (somehow only caught a glimpse of diane), ate some amazing seafood, shopped, drank, experienced many beautiful sunsets, talked to olivia, laughed incessantly at varla jean, went to the atm every night (it grows on trees, right?), turned the light switch on and left it there, drank some more, cried with a very close friend, laughed until my side hurt, went on long bike rides, dressed in drag (hey davita and cmb), caught the showgirls finale awards with none other than debby downer aka jack osbourne, made some really great musical connections, met some of the greatest guys, and generally tried my hardest to relax......and that was real real tough.

ptown doesn't suck.

happy monday.

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