Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And the walls come tumbling down...

well, maybe not. But one has to wonder what exactly is going on in the Backstreet parking lot. Now I know that Loca Luna has plans to remain in the current building until 2007, but the two cranes that popped up at the front door of the shell of its former self is making me nervous. Today they removed some duct work from the roof of Backstreet. But what happens next? I didn't hear of any demolition plans, though the residents at the Dakota would probably have parties just to watch the building go down..... seeing as they had to put up with all the criminals that stumbled out of this establishment in the early morning weekend hours for years. I may have been there once or twice.

Word is that the first of probably two condo buildings set to be erected on the property (yes, we do in fact need more condos in Atlanta) is to be called Trilogy. That is all I know. Bye bye Backstreet....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If you, won't let me, fall for you...

I forgot how much I like Deep Dish's remix of Dido - Stoned. I can remember hearing it back in '03 when Brandon Sutton was spinning at The Mark. It was one of those moments when you are in mid-conversation and this track comes on and you are simply floored by its beauty. I can't believe I never played it this past summer at Shout. It never gets old in my opinion.

Here is a Wednesday list frankgreenstyle:

  • Red Brick Blonde Ale
  • Classic Atlanta Spring weather in Mid January
  • less than a week until my big 30th birthday. word is there is a party in the making......
  • Steve Porter - one of the most techinically gifted DJs in the world and spinning at Eleven50 on January 21 thanks to Liquified.
  • Yet another trip to Santa Clara for a job interview, only this time a possible relocation. I think a trip to San Fran to visit Beaux is in order on this trip. I am sure we will be able to stir up just a little trouble...
  • single nurse syndrome.......and elasticized landau scrubs....not cute.
  • depeche mode
  • the cute new gay guy at work may be single in the near future......
  • Stevie Nicks - seems everyone is buzzing about Axwell's remix of "Dreams".
  • The Winter Music Conference

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm sorry for the things I've done

I wasn't very productive this weekend. But, who really cares. Seems most of my friends are "under the weather". Been there, taken the steroid pack for it. So glad I am feeling better.

Friday night, the Mayor and I dined at Pie Bar. Another excellent meal was consumer amongst the Crescent Avenue crowd, that I must say is hot and very metrosexual. We then joined queens from the metropolitan area for "Brokeback Mountain" over at Atlantic Station. It was a very good movie, well directed and produced. And I predict that it will win a couple of awards. Kind of along the lines of "Boys don't cry", where you are left to think........ Not the best movie I have ever seen but I did enjoy it.

Saturday I caught up with Robert and we had a beer and bite at McCray's 6th street tavern. I did catch a brief glimpse of Puss N' Boots while en route. Where has he been???

McCray's: Such a hidden gem built right into the side of Backstreet. I wonder what will become of this establishment once the Novare Towers are erected?? I hope that they will move into the new space. Because I am officially over Stool Pigeons.....

Saturday night featured dinner with the Mayor and a party complete with lesbians and a DJ. It was fun....I mean, I had the opportunity to chat up one of my new crushes....who is 39 years old and just about the cutest thing around. And very nice.......

We left as the DJ fell into HD mode (that stands for Heavy Diva for you novices...) and then it was off to Blake's for a night cap that ended with a trip to BJ's for a cocktail then a great nights sleep into the next day courtesy of Lily Lunesta, the woman of the night.

All the static I have received from everyone about their lack of new music. Well, enjoy. Only available for the next few days.....

January Test Mix 2006

1.Kaskade - Steppin' Out (Jasks Thaisoul vocal mix) An old one but a good track. Love the vocal on this one.
2.Floetry - Supa Star (Kaskade Vocal mix) a new kaskade remix of this hip hop group = fun. love their previous work including "Say Yes".
3.Heather Hedley - In my Mind (Freemason Vocal club mix) They are back with a host of new mixes staying true to the "Disco Tinged-House Vibe) They are on a role!
4.Angie Stone - I wasn't Kidding (Freemasons mix). Enough said....
5.Artificial Funk - Never alone (seamus haji and Paul emanuel remix) The owner of Big Love Records is back for a dancfloor anthem. Hot.
6.Mary J Blige - Be Without you (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix) Loving her new Track, and Bobby Blanco just finishes it off with a disco' house edge. classy.
7.Deep Dish featuring Stevie Nicks - Dreams (extended mix) Such a tune right now. Word out there is that Deep Dish had Stevie sing the vocal to this old track exclusively for them. Supposedly, it is in fact NOT taken from an old live recording. Sounds pretty good for a 60 year old lady.... Love it!!
8.New Order - Waiting for the sirens' call (planet funk remix) The group returns with a minalistic banger.
9.Depeche Mode - A pain that I'm used to (jacques lu cont remix) Stuart Price, the producer of Madonna's new album, returns with a great remix. BTW, he also goes by The Thin White Duke, les rhythmes digitales, and paper faces among others. What talen this young man has.
10.summer of space - with you (kaskade does rock remix) Kaskade returns with a slightly progressive-tinged vocal mix. Sounds like Sarah McLachlan to me.... the vocalists name is Haley Gibby by the way.
11.DJ Sammy - Why (planet funk remix) I know, it isn't Annie Lennox, but the vocalist here is pretty close to the original.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Put your hands up

It seems that today I finally feel rested and caught up on my sleep. It's funny, there were no signs of Diane until I arrived back in Atlanta. She hates the cold I am told. Work has been okay except that I have been assigned one of the beauty-school-drop-outs from Tanner Medical Center. It seems that I am to have her ready to scrub an angioplasty on her own in just three weeks.....and right now we are stuck in Cath 101. Did I mention that she has 10 YEARS of experience in a diagnostic cath lab??? My patience is running thin, and after asking my educator about the situation, she confessed that in fact they put her with me as they knew I was the most laid back and forgiving of anyone in the lab. Which basically means that I wouldn't bite her head off for acting like a dumbass, of which she has done repeatedly. Deep breath....

My lower back is still hurting after the fall in Provincetown for G'ny, the banged' up Garden Nymph. She looked awful after her four night stay in Cape Cod. Seems she even broke her leg....off......Completely, and I was hoping we would find her a "beach Leg" as the warm months are just ahead of us. But no luck.

In the music scene, I am really loving Mary J Blige - Be Without You (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix). Simple but effective house being described as uplifting New York Style House. Pure and Simple. Released on Geffen records back in Mid November 2005. Check it out.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Always fun to come back to bills, and more importantly loans, but like all vacations, an end must come. Our trip to Provincetown was wonderful, as I was surrounded by three people very important to me. And I couldn't imagine a better way to ring in the new year. Brad and Joel were excellent hosts, and their house is really beautiful. And during the trip, I realized how funny and horny my friends really are. We were like 18 year old boys just approaching the edge of adulthood. I simply don't know what I would have done without Joel's high speed ramp up to the information super-web. or night charm for that matter.

Unlike previous trips, the streets of Provincetown are not lined with hot men. Most of the people either live in PTown or made the trip over to Boston. Yet, even in the winter, PTown is one of the most beautiful places. The sunsets, the bright stars, the magic that is still in the air, despite the cold...and snow. And then there is the food. We had a wonderful Oyster Bisque courtesy of Brad, blackened scallops, and of course some New England clam chowder.

Oh, and the A-House. I had some concerns for the resident DJ David Lasalle, who has has been there the past 26 years. Over Labor Day, he just seemed unhappy. This time, I found him at least 20 pounds lighter and cheerful. We talked about music, and he even thanked us for coming out on the last night....Plastic Disco....which was by far the most fun I have had in quite some time. Seeing as David' s taste in music so closely parallels mine, I thought I would share some of the tracks we heard.

1.Hard-Fi - "Living for the weekend" - originally called "Hard to Beat", I have loved this track since I first stumbled upon it about three months ago.
2.Mariah Carey - "Don't forget about us" I was surprised to hear that it was in fact Ralphi Rosario's mix that he was spinning. Unlike other productions, this remix is a much more housey than his other remixes like as "Don't Cha".
3.Angie Stone - "I wasn't kidding" and Heather Headley - "In My Mind". Both track arrive with remixes from none other than the freemasons. They are on fire right now, and one may argue that many of the track sound the same, but I disagree. They manage to stick with the disco house sound that could work at a T-Dance or even a main room event.
4.Depeche Mode - A Pain that I'm Used T0 (Jacques Lu Cont remix). Again Stuart Price, the producer of Madonna's new album, with a great remix. So much good material from Depeche mode lately.
5.Rupaul - "People are People" - Didn't think I would like this, but hearing it the second time changed my mind. Nice remake of a great track.

On New Year's Eve, he played a new track from Saint Etienne called "Above the Clouds". He told me it wasn't released yet, but it anyone has information about its release, please email me.

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