Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Always fun to come back to bills, and more importantly loans, but like all vacations, an end must come. Our trip to Provincetown was wonderful, as I was surrounded by three people very important to me. And I couldn't imagine a better way to ring in the new year. Brad and Joel were excellent hosts, and their house is really beautiful. And during the trip, I realized how funny and horny my friends really are. We were like 18 year old boys just approaching the edge of adulthood. I simply don't know what I would have done without Joel's high speed ramp up to the information super-web. or night charm for that matter.

Unlike previous trips, the streets of Provincetown are not lined with hot men. Most of the people either live in PTown or made the trip over to Boston. Yet, even in the winter, PTown is one of the most beautiful places. The sunsets, the bright stars, the magic that is still in the air, despite the cold...and snow. And then there is the food. We had a wonderful Oyster Bisque courtesy of Brad, blackened scallops, and of course some New England clam chowder.

Oh, and the A-House. I had some concerns for the resident DJ David Lasalle, who has has been there the past 26 years. Over Labor Day, he just seemed unhappy. This time, I found him at least 20 pounds lighter and cheerful. We talked about music, and he even thanked us for coming out on the last night....Plastic Disco....which was by far the most fun I have had in quite some time. Seeing as David' s taste in music so closely parallels mine, I thought I would share some of the tracks we heard.

1.Hard-Fi - "Living for the weekend" - originally called "Hard to Beat", I have loved this track since I first stumbled upon it about three months ago.
2.Mariah Carey - "Don't forget about us" I was surprised to hear that it was in fact Ralphi Rosario's mix that he was spinning. Unlike other productions, this remix is a much more housey than his other remixes like as "Don't Cha".
3.Angie Stone - "I wasn't kidding" and Heather Headley - "In My Mind". Both track arrive with remixes from none other than the freemasons. They are on fire right now, and one may argue that many of the track sound the same, but I disagree. They manage to stick with the disco house sound that could work at a T-Dance or even a main room event.
4.Depeche Mode - A Pain that I'm Used T0 (Jacques Lu Cont remix). Again Stuart Price, the producer of Madonna's new album, with a great remix. So much good material from Depeche mode lately.
5.Rupaul - "People are People" - Didn't think I would like this, but hearing it the second time changed my mind. Nice remake of a great track.

On New Year's Eve, he played a new track from Saint Etienne called "Above the Clouds". He told me it wasn't released yet, but it anyone has information about its release, please email me.


LJ said...

Where are the latin hotties? The hook ups? Walking in on leg-up friends?!? The bad kitty adornments?... Nice sunsets and SOUP?! You should have stayed here...

DJ JT said...

The only thing I got was a proposition to go home with a Boston hottie....until he told me that it included his husband. Who by the way was even hotter. but I didn't feel like I would be doing anything good for gay relationships by going down this path, so I declined.