Wednesday, May 31, 2006

find yourself a friend

you know, i could go the rest of my life without hearing the song they played each time a contestant was kicked off of American Idol.... the one that goes, "so you've had a bad day...". It is everywhere now, radio stations, IPOD playlists, even at the gym. As Erik says, the only thing bad about their day is that they are now committed to a full American Idol tour. You know the cheesy, glitzy, tour that will sell out the Des Moines arena with thousands of overweight women in acid washed jean shorts singing along to "play that funky music".

on the other hand, I could get used to four day work weeks. What a treat they are. and I am looking forward to tomorrow night's happy hour and heavy hor d'oeuvres atop the Glenn Hotel. With panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline, it doesn't get much better. unless, of course, it was 70 degrees outside instead of a balmy 90. welcome to summer in atlanta.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If you can see where this is gonna lead

It's a sad day in Atlanta. This morning, the bulldozers arrived at the shell of its former self...Backstreet. To begin the demolition of a dilapidated building that I spent so many nights (and early mornings) dancing to some of the best (and worst) music.

it was a place that we all loved to hate. of course, like so many things in life, now that it is gone we seem to long for the days when there was a place that was always open and pouring. back when i would drop by early on a saturday evening to get my hand stamped "just in case" and to avoid "the long line". a place where all walks of life could be found; and oddly enough despite the booze and drugs everyone seemed to get along.

if you never walked through the doors, you will never fully understand what it was like. from the cabaret, to the creature at the poker table, to the "glow stick man" in his sequin blazer, it truly was an interesting place to say the least. so it is sad to see it all left behind.... in a pile of rubble. but I also think about some of the bartenders and security personnel who made their career at backstreet.

farewell backstreet.
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and the demolition begins....

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

after two drinks he's a loser, after three drinks he's a star

well my weekend wasn't nearly as fruitful as others but i did enjoy myself...several times.

friday night featured a lovely roat dinner on Beverly, courtesy of the Sharley-Turnbulls and Kroger of course. spinach salad, black beans, broccoli.....sounds like a perfect commercial for Beano, and it was. Eric and I ventured over to Amsterdam, the new bar/club adjacent to the fitness factory. it was my first visit and i don't see where all the criticism comes from. I mean, it does remind me of a very large Gordon Biersch, complete with exposed brick walls and plasma tvs every 5 feet, but the crowd was cute and not at all like the "burkhart's west" as it had been described to me. soon after the bewitching hour, i realized that my ride was very buiszy with his next mission so I opted for a cab ride home....alone.

Saturday was John time on the couch with diane. we watched movies and generally didn't do much of anything. I was smart and stayed in saturday night for I had plans with the family on Sunday morning.

The drive out to scarietta on a sunday morning is short and sweet. I was joined by my sister and my 5 year old niece, who is in her bossy stage. lunch featured a delicious strawberry pretzel salad, honey baked ham, fresh green beans, and spiced sweet potatoes. dessert was a rum cake made that morning by my mom. you can't deny that we are a southern family, or alcoholics for that matter.

after lunch, my sister and I went though two large bags of old photos that my mother was looking to throw away! what? I couldn't understand the logic behind it, so I just sat down and flipped through picture after picture. it's funny how many things you forget through the years, from your favorite terry cloth ernie shirt to the sun-in dyed "bowl cut" I had in my 5th grade school photo, not to mention the "mock" turtle neck. pretty.

I came home with an abundance of left overs and finished the evening with a cookout for Joel's birthday. again, amazing food was served, spirits were consumed, and i even finished the evening with a little breakdancing in the living room. happy birthday jolene.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent

I sure would like to have been at the closing party of Paradise Garage in september of 1987. marking the end to an era of house music, and Larry Levan's 10 year residency at a very famous club. but things inevitably come to an end, much like the closing of backstreet. oh how i do miss backsteet, though I know that i am at a point in my life where going out clubbing several weekends a month is far from a priority. none of us planned to go to backstreet, however, it is funny how you would somehow end up there.....amongst several of your friends. and now today, i am sure that i wouldn't be there every weekend.........but it would be nice just to know that it is there should you change your mind.

but i think what is most frustrating to me is that there never was a final party of backstreet, a night where we could dance and reminisce about a magical place that had become a part of our lives. a way to bring closure to an era, and hopefully move on. with the closing of backstreet at 2am, to the removal of all liquor in a place that was proud to say "always open and pouring", we all thought these changes were just temporary. no one could believe that this place, this institution to gays and straights for nearly 30 years, really would close its doors for good. but it did without a final blow out, something that i think the city and the local residences should have allowed.......

I feel much better today, despite the rainy, dreary weather outside. this morning started with the "service awards breakfast" honoring people for their work of 5+ years. This year marked my 6th year at piedmont as the breakfast was held last year just short of the 5 year mark. The food was really good and the pastel linen napkins were real real fancy. naturally Mary Jenks, the cafeteria manager, was real busy acting busy and just being real busy. the president of piedmont spoke, sharing service awards for people that have been there for 20 years or more. i got a little bored and found some of the introductions sort of funny. they would say something like......"miss emma whitehead, the lead housekeeper in environmental services, enjoys gardening, antiquing(sp?), and creating crafts". creating crafts? what's that?

yes, I feel much better today, though i still have to work on one more thing....

now i have errands to run but the traffic and rainy weather have me thinking otherwise.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

bending the truth...

much like the donkster, I am in a bit of a funk today as well. and for no reason. I got 8 solid hours of sleep (despite all the weird dreams), had a productive day at work (even though the joint commission for the accreditation of hospitals made a surprise visit today), and had a fairly good work out. I don't feel bad, but for some reason people have been getting on my nerves. a good friend of mine at work told me I as "hormonal" today, and I suppose that just may be the case. As it's not just women that can play the "PMS" card, men have hormones too.....I am really looking forward to the male menopause, often times referred to as the "male climacteric". I guess that is when I will go out and by a boat or a fancy convertible. I think when it comes down to it, I really just need to get laid.....

my weekend wasn't very exciting as it was spent on call. In fact, I only left my condo to go into the hospital for FUPA duty. I did meet the Mayor and his friends at the movie on Sunday to see MI 3. I enjoyed the flick, full of action from start to finish, with the usual love story thrown in somewhere. And some may argue with me, but as weird as tom cruise is, he is still very handsome.......and short. i don't like short.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy

Here's a digital underground hump day list of things on my mind:

--what's up with poor dentition these days? especially those that are aware of the condition and refuse to accept a mint or piece of gum. do you think the rest of us want to smell the peridontal disease on your breath? instead of buying the convertible mercedes, maybe you should have considered the $20,000 you need in dental work.
--I wonder if Rosie Odonnell dons a FUPA starter sling every morning? and and does she have a combo starter-sling-strap-on for the bedroom?
--I am absolutely loving Jody Wisternoff's new track "cold drink, hot girl". At only 29 years old, this DJ/producer/remixer is one to watch. Also known as one half of the popular group Way out West, Jody's new track can be purchased on digital download from Beatport. Melodic house? me like.
--McDonough's Angie Aparo has a new EP out this week with an appearance scheduled for Saturday night at Smith's Ole Bar. The EP, set to be released in three parts, is available online here.
--I like Chicane's new single "Stoned in Love" featuring Tom Jones. The remix package features work by the Young punx and vertigo and I have to say the track is starting to grow on me.
--I'm on call this weekend so I don't foresee a cinco de mayo celebration in my future. Unless it occurs on Thursday. Halo anyone?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cold drink, hot girl

I was surprised when I got into the car yesterday morning and turned on the radio to hear the morning dj talking about FUPAs. Well, they were ACTUALLY using the term "Panis", which in the medical community is defined as "an overhanging apron of redundant, abdominal skin". Sort of like a FUPA but not quite the same. Either way, I would be mortified to have one. Could you imagine the humility? It seems that a local hospital has invested in a Panis retractor (similar to the FUPA starter slings we have in the cath lab), yet this device costs $1400 and allows the nurse or clinician access to the skin underneath the panis. Usually for cleansing purposes or possibly some sort of vaginal or pelvic exam. Of course I was picking up the phone to call in and share some stories about all the Paulding county specials with malodorous, pungent, and moist FUPAs. But I resisted as others jumped at the opportunity.

One girl was talking about her work at a nursing home where she came across a half eaten PB'nJ sandwich tucked between one of the folds of a low hanging Panis. Another man told a story of a patient brought into the ER where a remote control was found in his Panis, having gone missing just three weeks prior. I guess you never have to worry if your pants have pockets, as you always have a place to hide your keys, your wallet, or even a protein shake.

Monday, May 01, 2006

You know....feathers, no dots.....

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And what a perfect weekend for a road trip to Charleston. It was Beck-yeah's 30th birthday, so Robert and I headed east on I-20 for a celebratory birthday at the beach. Here's how it all went down....

The trip to Charleston is lengthy, but we managed to spend the time listening to music and catching up on gossip. the only problem was that we were on two very different elimination schedules, so we had to stop at just about every rest area along the way. plus there was dinner of course, so we didn't roll into Charleston until 10pm. the house out on Folly Beach was cute, small, and very "lakehouseish" with a lovely display of empty yellow tail wine bottles above the kitchen cabinets. I didn't care as we were right on the beach and only had to pay $50 for the weekend, thanks to Becky's landlord.

so it was off to Art's Bar and Grill where we arrived to a live band playing covers from the 80s and 90s. I think we walked in right as they were playing the cure - just like heaven. and it was clear that we were the most sober people there. at one point i looked down to see a miniature version of Weird Al Yankovich dancing next to me that we nicknamed "the hobbit" as he was about 4 feet tall.

Saturday morning we walked down the The Lost Dog cafe for a fantastic brunch. This place was very cute, reminding me of a Sigma Nu-infused Zim's Bagel Bakery in Athens. Just the right amount of frat boy and granola and some of the cutest boys on the island. The biscuits with sausage gravy was the best thing served and we left feeling very full.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the deck out in the sun. With temps in the upper 70s and not a cloud in the sky, I couldn't imagine a better place to be. I did apply sunscreen twice, only failing to properly cover my receding hair line and ears, which provides for a fairly unattractive sunburn. Becky's roommates joined us arriving with iced down beer, a video IPOD with portable speakers, and some of the funniest stories I have heard in years. I mean these girls talk more openly about their bowel, bladder, and sexual habits than the other nurses I work with at the hospital. and to think that they are all members of the Junior League in Charleston is humorous. I learned about "frottage", "shittythongs", and "winter bush", all terms I was unfamiliar with so I found it necessary to educate them about FUPAs and Paulding County specials.

Becky's birthday dinner Saturday night was held at a lovely restaurant downtown named Cypress. We were in a back room with about 35 of her close friends and coworkers. The arugula salad was delicious, but the service was very slow, and I got cranky when my entree came out at 10:30pm. plus I think i chose poorly as I picked the seared tuna instead of having a filet, the latter of which was superior in taste. we later had drinks at Pearl's where Edward McCuterton joined us (remember, the boy who sold me the coach watch on my last visit?) and I witnessed Becky take nearly 5 shots within a 45 minute time period. One of which was a straight shot of bourbon....yuck. I thought one outgrows shots once they turn 21 but I could be wrong... but she held her liquor that night and I don't even think she was with diane on sunday. who knows, she could have had TRD, aka Time Release Diane, but i will have to get back to you on that one.

After lunch at the Kickin's chickin' on Sunday, we said our goodbyes and headed back west. This time, we only stopped once and made the trip in just over 4 hours. only to arrive back in atlanta to temps in the 50s.

Happy Birthday Becky!
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