Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If you can see where this is gonna lead

It's a sad day in Atlanta. This morning, the bulldozers arrived at the shell of its former self...Backstreet. To begin the demolition of a dilapidated building that I spent so many nights (and early mornings) dancing to some of the best (and worst) music.

it was a place that we all loved to hate. of course, like so many things in life, now that it is gone we seem to long for the days when there was a place that was always open and pouring. back when i would drop by early on a saturday evening to get my hand stamped "just in case" and to avoid "the long line". a place where all walks of life could be found; and oddly enough despite the booze and drugs everyone seemed to get along.

if you never walked through the doors, you will never fully understand what it was like. from the cabaret, to the creature at the poker table, to the "glow stick man" in his sequin blazer, it truly was an interesting place to say the least. so it is sad to see it all left behind.... in a pile of rubble. but I also think about some of the bartenders and security personnel who made their career at backstreet.

farewell backstreet.

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