Tuesday, May 16, 2006

after two drinks he's a loser, after three drinks he's a star

well my weekend wasn't nearly as fruitful as others but i did enjoy myself...several times.

friday night featured a lovely roat dinner on Beverly, courtesy of the Sharley-Turnbulls and Kroger of course. spinach salad, black beans, broccoli.....sounds like a perfect commercial for Beano, and it was. Eric and I ventured over to Amsterdam, the new bar/club adjacent to the fitness factory. it was my first visit and i don't see where all the criticism comes from. I mean, it does remind me of a very large Gordon Biersch, complete with exposed brick walls and plasma tvs every 5 feet, but the crowd was cute and not at all like the "burkhart's west" as it had been described to me. soon after the bewitching hour, i realized that my ride was very buiszy with his next mission so I opted for a cab ride home....alone.

Saturday was John time on the couch with diane. we watched movies and generally didn't do much of anything. I was smart and stayed in saturday night for I had plans with the family on Sunday morning.

The drive out to scarietta on a sunday morning is short and sweet. I was joined by my sister and my 5 year old niece, who is in her bossy stage. lunch featured a delicious strawberry pretzel salad, honey baked ham, fresh green beans, and spiced sweet potatoes. dessert was a rum cake made that morning by my mom. you can't deny that we are a southern family, or alcoholics for that matter.

after lunch, my sister and I went though two large bags of old photos that my mother was looking to throw away! what? I couldn't understand the logic behind it, so I just sat down and flipped through picture after picture. it's funny how many things you forget through the years, from your favorite terry cloth ernie shirt to the sun-in dyed "bowl cut" I had in my 5th grade school photo, not to mention the "mock" turtle neck. pretty.

I came home with an abundance of left overs and finished the evening with a cookout for Joel's birthday. again, amazing food was served, spirits were consumed, and i even finished the evening with a little breakdancing in the living room. happy birthday jolene.

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E said...

The crowd at Amsterdam was definitely fun, but the interior is a wreck. If there's one word to describe Atlanta's gay bars, it's TYPICAL! TYPICAL!

But it's all about the people, isn't it DJ?