Monday, September 26, 2005

Alex, I'll take Domestic Violence for $500

And so another weekend has come to an end. Overall, I give it a 7.

Friday night and Saturday were spent on call, which gave me time to catch up on laundry, work out, and clean up my place. I spent a few hours a work on Saturday for not one, but three emergencies in a row. Fun. I guess we were running a special on heart attacks.

Saturday night I joined a small group of friends for a birthday dinner at Table1280. This new restaurant located in the Woodruff Art Center features the head chef formerly at Midcity Cuisine and Mumbo Jumbo, Shaun Doty. The inside is very clean and modern....and white. We sat in the back dining room surrounded by many of the Buckhead Bettys on their way to "the show" ifyouwill. The white walls and extremely tall ceilings provided for a noisy atmosphere, where at one point I felt like I was sitting in the fellowship hall at The First United Methodist Church in Quitman, Georgia. Okay, maybe Roswell. The crab cakes were excellent, and I had the hot smoked wild salmon with heirloom tomatoes and garlic foam. Yes, I said garlic foam. It was really tasty.

Next, it was off to drink and dance the night away at The Heretic and The Abbey, both of which were a disappointment to me. But I was in good company so I made do...

Last night, as I drifted off to sleep, I awoke to hear someone screaming, crying, and beating on a door. At first, I thought it was coming from the stairwell outside my door, but on upon further inspection, I realized it was coming from the condo down the hall. Yes, it was a full on domestic disturbance. I heard broken glass and someone yelling "Get the Fuck out of my house, bitch". It was at that point that I decided to call security. Though shocking at first, I guess it isn't surprising as I live in a 20 story condo with 400 units.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


One of my favorite DJs and remixers right now has to be Axwell. This young swedish DJ/producer has been on a role with his current releases including "Feel the Vibe" and "Together", both of which I have played at Shout. He seems to have a slight techno/electro sound to his mixes while maintaining a house vibe with a 4/4 beat. In contrast to Sebastian Ingrosso's mixes which really walk the line of 80's electro sound that is so huge right now in the dance community, Axwell keeps a lighter feel to the track, much along the lines of Seamus Haji. It is no question that his songs are quite versatile; ie. I mean you could hear them at a cocktail party, yet they work equally well on a dance floor late at night. Either way, they are easy to dance and "just get down to" as ToddSharley would say. While on his site recently, I found a live DJ set of his called "Axwell on the Decks". Check it out on his website. Anyway, the last song of the mix caused me to have another listen.

In the constant search for the next butter, I knew I was on to something with this track, however, he doesn't post a tracklisting on the site. Luckily, I found a very educated "house head" on the forum to give it a listen and trainspot all the tracks. Turns out, the last track is called "Riding the Wave" by a group called the Sunfreakz. Of course, the track had not been released at the time, but was soon to be out on Oxyd records. The track has finally surfaced and I am blown away by what I hear. Word out there is that a vocal will be added shortly with a remix by none other than AXWELL. Can't wait to hear that.

The question is: is this butter? Please feel free to check out the mix on Axwell's site and let me know. Again, it is the last track. Hopefully, soon I will be able to host my mixes on the site, or at least post mp3 clips of tracks I like.

Now. Is it Butter? Let's look at the Assistant's definition:
  1. seductive. Well, the beat is a progressive beat, I could see seductive as it sounds like it may go into a track by Iio.
  2. Creamy House Vibe. very nice rolling, creamy bassline that repeats itself without becoming monotonous and boring. The pianos paired with the electric guitar seem to battle each other in the song. Again, not in a bad way. gives character to the track.
  3. Transports your energy and mind to a place of bliss. it does for me, and I can only imagine hearing it on a nice system, such as the one at Stereo in Montreal. It's hypnotic, it's groovy, it's melodic, it's perfect.
  4. Nipples go hard. well, that is a personal question.

I heard someone once describe "Riding the Wave" as "the perfect end of summer/start of fall track". I can almost see the leaves fall." sounds cheesy, but really a nice description.

Check it out. What you think, Assistant? Any input?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Riding the Wave

With Madonna's new album set to be released in the states on November 15 (14th for the rest of the world), I think it is time to talk some music. It turns out that Madonna has beckoned one of my favorite DJs and producers to work on this album. His name is Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, aka the Thin White Duke. Honestly, he is one of the hottest names in the electronic dance music industry, remixing such tracks as The Killers - Mr. Brightside, Juliet - Avalon, and Missy Elliot - Lose Control to name just a few. Madonna's entire album, titled "Confessions on a Dance Floor" was recorded in Stuart's London flat, including the vocals. Apparently, he has a female neighbor that cries all the time, and that you can hear her faintly in the background on some parts of the album. Madonna's instruction were to start at 120bpm and go up from there, so Stuart took the 12 tracks and continuously mixed them, like a DJ set. Supposedly, the album is going to be "where pop meets dance", but it is very soulful as opposed to minimalist and techno.

The word out there is that freemasons and basement jaxx will possibly be doing mixes for the track "hung up". This first single will be released on itunes a week before it is sold in retail outlets, and the entire album will be available on itunes a day before the CD is released, with a bonus song that is not included on the CD. I am very excited to hear how this turns out.

Now, here are some tracks I am feeling at the moment, in no particular order.

1.Jay C - So High (seamus haji and paul emanuel vocal mix)
2.Black Rock - Blue Water (the Lovefreekz vocal mix)
3.Garbage - Bleed like me (Eric Kupper Extravaganza mix)
4.Jupiter Ace - 1000 Years (extended mix)
5.Sex on Monday - Bring back the love (soul avengerz remix)
6.late night alumni - empty streets (haji and emanuel remix)
7.Dajae - brighter days (seamus haji vocal mix)
8.steve mac and steve smith - loving you more (freemason vocal mix) evans - mesmerized (ben watt remix and freemasons vocal mix)
10.kid creme - doing my own thing (ian carey remix)
11.moby - dream about me (mhc extended mix)
12.New Order - Jetstream
13.Little Love - Lil love
14.hard fi - hard to beat (axwell remix) disciple feat suzy - yes (ian carey remix)
16.narcotic thrust - waiting for you (vocal mix) - my life (seamus haji vocal remix)
18. 17th street - street player
19.axwell feat steve edwards - watch the sunrise (vocal dub)
20.Dave soon - sunrise

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

They're Justified and they're Ancient

so I have been asked to become involved in a new project with my friend and fellow DJ Brandon Sutton. A new restaurant/lounge called Verve is set to open in the next few months along Peachtree street near Django. Described as a high end spot, Verve will have three different levels consisting of a restaurant, lounge, and rooftop deck. My role would be to help out periodically as a "tastemaker host". Not sure exactly what that entails but more details are soon to come.

TOTD: Bob Sinclair - Love Generation
This track features the vocals of Gary Pine from the Wailers. I used to be a big fan of Bob Marley and the Wailers, and this tune is perfect for sitting out by the pool and relaxing with a cocktail. Hint, hint,....Jolene? Summer is almost over!

The original mix is nice, but the remixes out this week from Full Intention and Ron Carroll take this tune to a new level.

Monday, September 19, 2005

"I was a whore as usual".....Anonymous

As spoken from the mouth of one of my closest friends today. Not me though, no sir. I was a real angel this weekend. Probably because I was forced to stay in. You see, I was on call. I know, the call thing has never stopped me before, but I needed some down time, you know, it being my first weekend back from Provincetown and all.

After working 26 hours in a 36 hour period, Friday night was all about relaxing. A couple of glasses of white wine later (no i didn't say Chardonnay LittleJohn), and I was ready for bed. Saturday brought a trip to the gym and some shopping, as I was badly in need of some new shoes. Again, I opted to stay in and rest up for the Big Shout event on Sunday.

All the abstinence in the world couldn't keep me from having a drink on Sunday. Brunch at Einstein's was tasty. I had the french toast with caramelized bananas and the 2 mimosas on the side. Cut to Shout: It was a Toy Party event so we were hoping for at least 200 people to attend. Here is what I remember, as told through the eyes of the DJ:

  1. Atlanta queens are very predictable. The place really doesn't get going until after 6pm. And like clockwork, the place clears out at 8pm sharp.
  2. Camey McCamouflage came shortly after 4 pm and didn't move from the bar the entire time. I thought maybe he was flirting with me but I am not positive about that. What I do know is that it appeared as if he was harboring a grapefruit in those shorts. Word on the street is that he has one of the most beautiful bodies in Atlanta, and he works out at the BGG. Should I join, or are there other ways to confirm this? hmm......
  3. Where was the varsity team? Poor, poor turnout on their end. I found out through second hand text that they were over at Joe's *yawn* and were en route, only to find cute Chris in attendance. Where were the Scotts? More importantly, where was the ASSISTANT??? WTF? No phone call.....nothing?!
  4. The boys from Charlotte with Mr. Sinclair wanted to dance in a bad way. Someone should have introduced them to Bret as he was looking to take his shirt off. I am sure that he later did.
  5. Jenny has really nice breasts....and they are real.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I suppose there are some good things about coming back from vacation and going back to work. It took me until today to realize any of them though. I mean, who wants to come back to bills, long work hours, ignorant people (and I am not talking Just about the Paulding County specials), etc.? I do not. What I did miss last week while partying, I mean relaxing in P-Town was that I was getting a bonus. And it arrived today... That doesn't suck. Happy Thursday indeed.

TOTD: Martin Solveig - Jealousy. If you are not familiar with Martin Solveig, you should check out his website. He is responsible for the track that came out some time last year called "Rockin Music". To me this was such a crossover track as I would hear it out at Halo on a Thursday, then at the Heretic later in the weekend. A french born and raised DJ, his latest production was released just two days ago on defected titled "Hedonist". The eleven track album contains such singles as "Everybody" and "Jealousy". I really enjoy the soulful vibe in his work, and I am sure that many of the tracks on this album could easily be remixed by the likes of Junior Jack and Joey Negro. Check it out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Take Me Back Where the Music Plays....

Adjusting back to the usual work routine this week has not been as difficult as I originally imagined. Actually, no in reality, it has been quite easy. Though I have caught myself daydreaming at work, thinking back to my vaction last week. Yes, I did in fact say Vaction. There have been several times that I just sit there smiling and laughing inside at all the good times that were had. What an amazing group I was traveling with. Some were close friends, while others were more acquaintances, and it is in the wee hours of the night that these relationships were solidified. The music, the weather, the laughs, the bike rides, the much fun. I can't wait for next year.

Last night, Ty and I gathered for cocktails at Fort Knox then jumped over to dine at one of Atlanta's newest establishments: The Globe. I have read reports and even heard first hand testimonies about this new restaurant. Since it was approaching 9pm (you know, we had to have a least one bottle of wine at my place), we decided that we would skip the main course and just stick with salads and appetizers. We split a caesar salad which was pretty good, status quo I would say. The shrimp cakes were tasty, but the fried calamari was mediocre. In fact, I didn't really like it. A bit chewy and no flavor. Guess I will have to return to try one of the main dishes.

Tune of the Day: Black Rock - Blue Water. This track out on the Positiva record label is brilliant. The rolling bassline paired with Debra Andrew's beautiful vocal = harmonic bliss. Not butter, but damn near margarine. The Lovefreekz have taken on the remix duties adding filters and fx as well as an Italian old skool piano synth that works very well. Ernesto & Bastien toughen up the mix with big drum and contemporary electro styling. Check it out here.

Next up: Out & About @ Shout this Sunday. Only two more left. More details to come.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Such a fitting term to describe a week of fun and excitement along the Cape. I honestly cannot remember having such a good time with my friends, laughing into the wee morning hours almost to the point of tears, then doing it all over again the next day. Having only been once before to Provincetown, I forgot what an amazing place it is....until, I stepped off of the Ferry on Saturday afternoon only to be greeted by friends from back home. Walking along the streets to our "Sunshine Paradise" on Winthrop Street, it all came back to me. The sidewalks were lined with people from every walk of life, with a certain positive energy that made me feel welcomed and at home. If you have never been, please place it on your list of places to visit, as there is something there for everyone.

Here is what I remember:

  • The sunset boat cruise was real real fun, though I did have to sit down for a while as my gait was a bit unsteady...must have been the choppy waters. David Knapp surprised me, spinning many remixed disco hits, including a remix by foreigner. As the ship came to a halt, and began a slow spin, we were greeted by a spectacular sunset. There I was dancing on top of a huge ship with all of my friends, thinking that at that very moment, at the very time, at that very place, on that very boat....that things were right with the world.
  • DJ David LaSalle at the A-House spins a consistent set every night, though that can be repetitive when you go out every night of the week. I was on vacation right? Signature songs for the week included Barbra Streisand's new Single "Night of My Life" as remixed by none other than Junior Vasquez. Jamiroquai's new single "Feels Just Like it Should", Colette - "What will She Do For Love", Faithless - "Why Go", Suzanne Palmer - "Fascinated", PVD - "The other Side", Faith Evans - "Mesmerized", Mariah Carey - "We Belong" and "Shake it off", and the new Madonna Song titled "Easy Ride". Well, it isn't really a new song, just a new remix by Tracy Young, but you couldn't tell us that the first night we heard it.
  • Brad and Joel's house is beautiful. They were the most gracious hosts and prepared such wonderful meals. I really felt at home.
  • The Rum Punch at the Boat Slip can sometimes taste like methane.
  • The PTown Bad Kitty girls prank went off without a hitch. Katherine and Elizabeth made two appearances during their stay in P-Town, but nothing will come close to riding down Commercial Street in drag on "Nanna", a tandem bicycle given to Doug by his late grandmother.
  • No major hookups for me this weekend, other than a couple of "snuggle buddies". Oh, yes, and I forgot, Stan.....
  • "Has anyone seen Stan?"
  • traveling with a large group that is constantly trying to "one up" then next with a sharp tongue and quick wit can lead to the cops showing up for noise complaints. And here I was thinking someone hired them for the entertainment?
  • Some of the best seafood I have eaten in years.
  • Having part of your lip chewed off by Flavio, the Brazilian bartender from the A-House. Not really pretty when standing out in front of Spiritus pizza and trying to cruise with a bloody lip.
  • Love the sandwiches from the Provincetown General Store, aka the Leather Deli, and found it very interesting that on one shelf one can purchase hot dog buns and pocket sized bottles of lubrication.
  • The Dick Dock was a real disappointment to me.
  • K-Light bike rides at 4am with your friends is simply bliss. I believe I counted upwards of 6 or 8 shooting stars.
  • Patrick and Sean, the boys from Boston, were an utter delight. It is too bad that we met them so late in our trip. I hope they keep in touch!

Here are some pictures from the week.

Patrick and Sean, the uber cute guys from Boston. Too bad we met them on our last night.... Posted by Picasa

Miss Ridgefield loved Stan Posted by Picasa

Do you think you are getting lucky tonight?....Why yes.. Posted by Picasa

Sunset along the beach Posted by Picasa

Cherish Posted by Picasa

Me and John Brown Posted by Picasa

The group out by the dunes as the sun begins to set Posted by Picasa

Joel and Brad's new home in Provincetown...absolute charm. Posted by Picasa

Wendell doing his best Mariah Carey and Britney Spears combo dance move Posted by Picasa

Stan having a "skinny". Posted by Picasa

Elizabeth and Katherine, the P-Town Bad Kitty Girls, aboard "Nanna" Posted by Picasa

Norma and P-Town Barbie Posted by Picasa

Our Group from Winthrop Street Posted by Picasa