Thursday, September 15, 2005


I suppose there are some good things about coming back from vacation and going back to work. It took me until today to realize any of them though. I mean, who wants to come back to bills, long work hours, ignorant people (and I am not talking Just about the Paulding County specials), etc.? I do not. What I did miss last week while partying, I mean relaxing in P-Town was that I was getting a bonus. And it arrived today... That doesn't suck. Happy Thursday indeed.

TOTD: Martin Solveig - Jealousy. If you are not familiar with Martin Solveig, you should check out his website. He is responsible for the track that came out some time last year called "Rockin Music". To me this was such a crossover track as I would hear it out at Halo on a Thursday, then at the Heretic later in the weekend. A french born and raised DJ, his latest production was released just two days ago on defected titled "Hedonist". The eleven track album contains such singles as "Everybody" and "Jealousy". I really enjoy the soulful vibe in his work, and I am sure that many of the tracks on this album could easily be remixed by the likes of Junior Jack and Joey Negro. Check it out.


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