Monday, September 12, 2005


Such a fitting term to describe a week of fun and excitement along the Cape. I honestly cannot remember having such a good time with my friends, laughing into the wee morning hours almost to the point of tears, then doing it all over again the next day. Having only been once before to Provincetown, I forgot what an amazing place it is....until, I stepped off of the Ferry on Saturday afternoon only to be greeted by friends from back home. Walking along the streets to our "Sunshine Paradise" on Winthrop Street, it all came back to me. The sidewalks were lined with people from every walk of life, with a certain positive energy that made me feel welcomed and at home. If you have never been, please place it on your list of places to visit, as there is something there for everyone.

Here is what I remember:

  • The sunset boat cruise was real real fun, though I did have to sit down for a while as my gait was a bit unsteady...must have been the choppy waters. David Knapp surprised me, spinning many remixed disco hits, including a remix by foreigner. As the ship came to a halt, and began a slow spin, we were greeted by a spectacular sunset. There I was dancing on top of a huge ship with all of my friends, thinking that at that very moment, at the very time, at that very place, on that very boat....that things were right with the world.
  • DJ David LaSalle at the A-House spins a consistent set every night, though that can be repetitive when you go out every night of the week. I was on vacation right? Signature songs for the week included Barbra Streisand's new Single "Night of My Life" as remixed by none other than Junior Vasquez. Jamiroquai's new single "Feels Just Like it Should", Colette - "What will She Do For Love", Faithless - "Why Go", Suzanne Palmer - "Fascinated", PVD - "The other Side", Faith Evans - "Mesmerized", Mariah Carey - "We Belong" and "Shake it off", and the new Madonna Song titled "Easy Ride". Well, it isn't really a new song, just a new remix by Tracy Young, but you couldn't tell us that the first night we heard it.
  • Brad and Joel's house is beautiful. They were the most gracious hosts and prepared such wonderful meals. I really felt at home.
  • The Rum Punch at the Boat Slip can sometimes taste like methane.
  • The PTown Bad Kitty girls prank went off without a hitch. Katherine and Elizabeth made two appearances during their stay in P-Town, but nothing will come close to riding down Commercial Street in drag on "Nanna", a tandem bicycle given to Doug by his late grandmother.
  • No major hookups for me this weekend, other than a couple of "snuggle buddies". Oh, yes, and I forgot, Stan.....
  • "Has anyone seen Stan?"
  • traveling with a large group that is constantly trying to "one up" then next with a sharp tongue and quick wit can lead to the cops showing up for noise complaints. And here I was thinking someone hired them for the entertainment?
  • Some of the best seafood I have eaten in years.
  • Having part of your lip chewed off by Flavio, the Brazilian bartender from the A-House. Not really pretty when standing out in front of Spiritus pizza and trying to cruise with a bloody lip.
  • Love the sandwiches from the Provincetown General Store, aka the Leather Deli, and found it very interesting that on one shelf one can purchase hot dog buns and pocket sized bottles of lubrication.
  • The Dick Dock was a real disappointment to me.
  • K-Light bike rides at 4am with your friends is simply bliss. I believe I counted upwards of 6 or 8 shooting stars.
  • Patrick and Sean, the boys from Boston, were an utter delight. It is too bad that we met them so late in our trip. I hope they keep in touch!

Here are some pictures from the week.

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Patrick said...

So happy I made the blog....and the 1st picture too! JT - enjoyed reading your other notes too. You have a great sense of humor and a great outlook - XO - Patrick