Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Riding the Wave

With Madonna's new album set to be released in the states on November 15 (14th for the rest of the world), I think it is time to talk some music. It turns out that Madonna has beckoned one of my favorite DJs and producers to work on this album. His name is Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, aka the Thin White Duke. Honestly, he is one of the hottest names in the electronic dance music industry, remixing such tracks as The Killers - Mr. Brightside, Juliet - Avalon, and Missy Elliot - Lose Control to name just a few. Madonna's entire album, titled "Confessions on a Dance Floor" was recorded in Stuart's London flat, including the vocals. Apparently, he has a female neighbor that cries all the time, and that you can hear her faintly in the background on some parts of the album. Madonna's instruction were to start at 120bpm and go up from there, so Stuart took the 12 tracks and continuously mixed them, like a DJ set. Supposedly, the album is going to be "where pop meets dance", but it is very soulful as opposed to minimalist and techno.

The word out there is that freemasons and basement jaxx will possibly be doing mixes for the track "hung up". This first single will be released on itunes a week before it is sold in retail outlets, and the entire album will be available on itunes a day before the CD is released, with a bonus song that is not included on the CD. I am very excited to hear how this turns out.

Now, here are some tracks I am feeling at the moment, in no particular order.

1.Jay C - So High (seamus haji and paul emanuel vocal mix)
2.Black Rock - Blue Water (the Lovefreekz vocal mix)
3.Garbage - Bleed like me (Eric Kupper Extravaganza mix)
4.Jupiter Ace - 1000 Years (extended mix)
5.Sex on Monday - Bring back the love (soul avengerz remix)
6.late night alumni - empty streets (haji and emanuel remix)
7.Dajae - brighter days (seamus haji vocal mix)
8.steve mac and steve smith - loving you more (freemason vocal mix) evans - mesmerized (ben watt remix and freemasons vocal mix)
10.kid creme - doing my own thing (ian carey remix)
11.moby - dream about me (mhc extended mix)
12.New Order - Jetstream
13.Little Love - Lil love
14.hard fi - hard to beat (axwell remix) disciple feat suzy - yes (ian carey remix)
16.narcotic thrust - waiting for you (vocal mix) - my life (seamus haji vocal remix)
18. 17th street - street player
19.axwell feat steve edwards - watch the sunrise (vocal dub)
20.Dave soon - sunrise

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