Thursday, September 22, 2005


One of my favorite DJs and remixers right now has to be Axwell. This young swedish DJ/producer has been on a role with his current releases including "Feel the Vibe" and "Together", both of which I have played at Shout. He seems to have a slight techno/electro sound to his mixes while maintaining a house vibe with a 4/4 beat. In contrast to Sebastian Ingrosso's mixes which really walk the line of 80's electro sound that is so huge right now in the dance community, Axwell keeps a lighter feel to the track, much along the lines of Seamus Haji. It is no question that his songs are quite versatile; ie. I mean you could hear them at a cocktail party, yet they work equally well on a dance floor late at night. Either way, they are easy to dance and "just get down to" as ToddSharley would say. While on his site recently, I found a live DJ set of his called "Axwell on the Decks". Check it out on his website. Anyway, the last song of the mix caused me to have another listen.

In the constant search for the next butter, I knew I was on to something with this track, however, he doesn't post a tracklisting on the site. Luckily, I found a very educated "house head" on the forum to give it a listen and trainspot all the tracks. Turns out, the last track is called "Riding the Wave" by a group called the Sunfreakz. Of course, the track had not been released at the time, but was soon to be out on Oxyd records. The track has finally surfaced and I am blown away by what I hear. Word out there is that a vocal will be added shortly with a remix by none other than AXWELL. Can't wait to hear that.

The question is: is this butter? Please feel free to check out the mix on Axwell's site and let me know. Again, it is the last track. Hopefully, soon I will be able to host my mixes on the site, or at least post mp3 clips of tracks I like.

Now. Is it Butter? Let's look at the Assistant's definition:
  1. seductive. Well, the beat is a progressive beat, I could see seductive as it sounds like it may go into a track by Iio.
  2. Creamy House Vibe. very nice rolling, creamy bassline that repeats itself without becoming monotonous and boring. The pianos paired with the electric guitar seem to battle each other in the song. Again, not in a bad way. gives character to the track.
  3. Transports your energy and mind to a place of bliss. it does for me, and I can only imagine hearing it on a nice system, such as the one at Stereo in Montreal. It's hypnotic, it's groovy, it's melodic, it's perfect.
  4. Nipples go hard. well, that is a personal question.

I heard someone once describe "Riding the Wave" as "the perfect end of summer/start of fall track". I can almost see the leaves fall." sounds cheesy, but really a nice description.

Check it out. What you think, Assistant? Any input?


Anonymous said...

I think the track come from Belgium or Holland.

Nobu said...

Couldn't agree more with your assessment...I've been trying to hunt down the name of the last song on his mix Axwell on the Decks, and I'm really glad i found it.

Anonymous said...

the sunfreakz track is made by my friends ,

Written & Composed by Tim Janssens
Produced By Tim Janssens & Roy Rox
Recorded and Mixed @ Maddox Music Studio

it is now signed to nero (axwell's label) and indeed , the axwell mix is finished , a few of days patient ......