Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy

Here's a digital underground hump day list of things on my mind:

--what's up with poor dentition these days? especially those that are aware of the condition and refuse to accept a mint or piece of gum. do you think the rest of us want to smell the peridontal disease on your breath? instead of buying the convertible mercedes, maybe you should have considered the $20,000 you need in dental work.
--I wonder if Rosie Odonnell dons a FUPA starter sling every morning? and and does she have a combo starter-sling-strap-on for the bedroom?
--I am absolutely loving Jody Wisternoff's new track "cold drink, hot girl". At only 29 years old, this DJ/producer/remixer is one to watch. Also known as one half of the popular group Way out West, Jody's new track can be purchased on digital download from Beatport. Melodic house? me like.
--McDonough's Angie Aparo has a new EP out this week with an appearance scheduled for Saturday night at Smith's Ole Bar. The EP, set to be released in three parts, is available online here.
--I like Chicane's new single "Stoned in Love" featuring Tom Jones. The remix package features work by the Young punx and vertigo and I have to say the track is starting to grow on me.
--I'm on call this weekend so I don't foresee a cinco de mayo celebration in my future. Unless it occurs on Thursday. Halo anyone?


E said...

Let's ham it up...

Donks said...

Sorry about the power outage! Those mylar ballons...lots of fun at the party, but not so much fun as they explode in the power lines.