Wednesday, September 27, 2006

now i just can't stand being turned on my head

i should have known that this just wouldn't be my day. my decision to pop a couple of advil pms for some minor muscle soreness brought on crazy dreams, restless sleep, and general fatigue today. why did i dream about having sex with my ex-boyfriend in the basement of someone's home with two coworkers in the adjacent room smoking pot? even worse, i am greeted by the very aforementioned coworkers upon arrival to work today.

you would think that after two weeks of vacation, i would be able to see past all the problems at work. but not on today.

the only thing that has saved this day is seeing salty mcdadderton at the gym. you know, the uber-hot-extremely-rare-second-series-limited-print-pocket-gay-artist that moved to new york and has returned to the a-t-l. with a head full of salt 'n pepper. he just makes me weak, and i could even get past the fact that he is shorter than I am. there is something about the way a man carries himself that is extremely sexy, and this one has a strut that exudes confidence. i'll take one night stand for $1000, alex....

now i am off to dinner with one of the most beautiful women i know. bye.

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