Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i went off the deep end for the weekend....over my head

so many things going on in my head today.........

i have solidified the promise to my self that I won't get into a relationship where i have to clear my every move i make with my boyfriend. there is something about losing your identity and becoming "john and _____" that just makes being single seem so much more desirable. hell, i would settle for a lousy date. boyfriend? who's talking about a relationship, i hardly know what that is.

should i make a ptown revisited cd? going through the music last night, i realize once again how many times artists, djs, and remixers sample old basslines, riffs, and melodies from old songs. take Axwell's remix of bob sinclair - world, hold on (or werque, hold on according to toddsharley), you could easily throw the acapella of Cyndi Lauper - time over time and it would become a fun mashup. would it be called, "world, hold on to your time?"

so flattering to be cruised at the CVS by the local pharmacist. you know, eye contact and all. but for him to come from behind the counter and start straightening the rows of orbit and eclipse gum, well that is plain obvious. but i ain't complainin'.

what i thought would be a quiet week without call is starting to make me nervous. birthdays, dinner parties, cocktails. a recipe for disaster cake.

i received one of the most sincere thank you cards from a dear friend today that almost made me cry. such a wonderful and charming person, i do really love him. and don't even get me started about his sense of humor......"WHAT? FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS? WHAT?"

gotta go, cause i'm damn' thirsty

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Anonymous said...

Just a question re: the lyrics in your heading ("I went off the deep end for the weekend, over my head") - would you be able to tell me what song this is? I've been looking for it for ages.
Thanks! :)