Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Who is afraid of a little rain?

Not I. The weekend started off innocent enough. It always does when you are on call and want to avoid all of the riffraff. After two nights of 8+ hours of sleep, regular visits to the gym, and no alcohol, I was ready for a little fun. Bret picked me up Sunday morning and we went to Sun in my Belly for brunch. Turns out, they have live music on Sunday mornings, and woman singing had an amazing voice. Next, we went for a long walk through the park. Bret was sweating out all of the alcohol from the night before, and I was just taking in some of the scenery.

We picked up Trey and headed over to Joe's for lunch on the patio. 3 pitchers of margaritas later, I had a nasty case of heartburn and Bret was ready to retire to his humble abode. So Dan and I went back to my place for more beer and a little DJ session courtesy of moi. JohnBrown stopped by with a gift he picked up for me on one of his recent travels. Then Doug and Karen came over and we talked and stuff. Next, we walked over to Blayke's for a skinny, and Dan headed home. So Doug, Karen, and I skated over to JohnBrown's house. Doug and I decided on our walk that we would be the co-captains of the Provincetown welcoming committee next month, complete with welcome bags for our group. Even going so far as to coming up with a theme for the week. Very important stuff here. Stay tuned.

Upon arriving at JohnBrown's, we were greeted by a full on drag performance by the master himself, sans the roller skates. I took it upon myself to show off some of my signature break dance moves, including the "worm" on the dining room floor. Next, we went back to Blayke's where we met a nice group of boys out celebrating a birthday. Things get a little fuzzy here. I remember comparing areolas in the middle of the bar, and I must add that Erik's are by far the biggest, and resemble cafe-au-lait spots. The short, salt and pepper boy was content with rubbing my back, and I was well, drinking a skinny. Then we went to Gilbert's where I felt the need to vomick, so I excused myself without saying goodbye, and stumbled home. Luckily, I did not get sick, but somehow picked Diane up on the short walk home. She left This afternoon when I picked up some fried chicken in the cafeteria. Diane hates grease.....

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