Monday, March 07, 2005

Pop a cap in yo ass

Well, another weekend has come to an end. and, of course, I was exhausted today, mainly due to my insomnia and very strange dreams last night.

I spent a couple of hours at EDs records on Friday afternoon sifting through stacks of vinyl. Yes, I finally got my turntable back from Scott and have decided to devote some time to mastering the wax. And it has shown to be a lot of fun, yet very frustrating at the same time. Makes you have a lot of respect for these big house djs that layer track upon track without a hint of a gallop or a competing bassline. I'll get there one day, one day...

  • New Ben Watt track "Pop a cap in yo ass" rocks, check out his record label.
  • The follow-up track to "How would you feel" by David Morales titled "Here I am" is also very nice and housey with remix by Kaskade. Rumor has it that Atlanta just might see the return of Kaskade to a popular Wednesday night party in the future :)
  • The track "Everything" from Kaskade's most recent album "In the Moment" should be released soon as a single on OM records. Sound clips can be heard at the website, or here.

Dinner at Robert's Friday night was very good. We talked, we drank red wine, we listened to music. We then headed to a party on Argonne Ave. in a beautiful home soon to be featured on the Midtown Tour of Homes. I caught up with some old friends and was in bed by 1am.

Anthony came over on Saturday for a little 'mixin on the turntables. I must tell you that he has become quite the mixmeister and I believe he may be ready to tackle the wax.

The gang congregated at Todd/Brad's on Saturday night for some 'roated' chicken and several bottles of red wine. A few of the boys headed out dancing at the Masquerade late in the night and I settled down for a long nap on Todd's couch. But, I did not wake up alone. I found Diane snuggling up next to me around 11am.

Dropped by Chris' house on Sunday for a cookout, but had to leave early to meet with my group from Thump. The party starts in just over a week, and I am getting very excited.

Now, back to my dream. I finally drifted off to sleep around 2 am. In the dream, I ended up at a Bath House in Taiwan with two guys from Atlanta. (from very different social circles) it's funny, I usually never remember my dreams. I wonder what it all means? Note: no nocturnal emission to speak of..

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