Saturday, March 12, 2005

Red Red Wine...

Last night was much fun. But I am paying for it today. I woke up this morning with a raging headache and red wine mouth. You know, that sticky, parched feeling you get after gulping glass after glass the night before? Well, this is how it all happened...

I stopped by Satellite Records on in Little 5 yesterday for a little therapy, I mean record shopping. I was greeted by my oh so cute dj friend Brett, and proceeded to spend two hours up in there going through about 60 records. Brett kept bringing record after record, and I must admit, I felt like a "big time dj". In fact, one guy in the store commented, "Brett, how come you don't bring me records to listen to?" He just replied, "I don't know what style of music you like."

After a bite of dinner and a quick change, Robert stopped by and we headed over to Mid City lofts for Brandon's birthday fete. The clubhouse up on the roof has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline. It would make a great pool party......does anyone need a dj? The party was nice, and the red wine was flowing and flowing....and flowing.

Next, we popped into Halo. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same scene from the night before, but the music was cool. Very latin influenced, with a guy playing drums to the beat of the music. I enjoyed this, and have only seen this once before at MJQ.

I convinced Robert to brave the cold and walk a few blocks down to Bazzaar. You see, my friend Brett was spinning and I wanted to show him a little support. The place was near empty, and Brett smiled when he saw Robert and I approaching. Turns out the crowd was pretty lame last night, and he was a bit disappointed. After finishing his set, he sat down for a quick chat. We talked about music, parties, djs, and as you can imagine, I was in my element. And, I scored a couple of new cds!

So, that brings us to now. I really didn't think I was overserved last night, but I sure feel like it today. And it is really beautiful outside.

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