Thursday, December 01, 2005

Come one, come all

yesssir, it's that time of year again. Time for the 2005 Piedmont Hospital Annual Craft Bazaaaar! You see, we were a little slow this morning, so I grabbed my coworker, Sue, and we headed over for a stroll through arts n' crafts land. Sue is such a gem, a 5_ year-old southern belle from Anniston, Alabama. If they had a casting call for Steel Magnolias here in Atlanta, well, Sue would easily have made the second cut. She has one of those beautiful southern draws where she can simply turn any one syllable word into two. After grabbing a piping hot cup 'o Joe from the Snack Shack, we began our Christmas shopping experience. Now I am not one to spend much time at this craft fair, as it is usually filled with extremely tacky things: pickled vegetables in mason jars with white lace doilies, just about every variety of wicker basket w/goodies, and then there are the holiday sweatshirts with iron-on magnolia leaves outlined with gold glitter glue. pretty. Today was different. There were beautiful twall handbags, furry scarves in various colors, and lots of hand made jewelry. I quickly found a furry scarf that I just knew my sister would love.

A few moments later, Sue says, "let's go over they--rrr". Something had caught her eye. And it was a 3/4 length fur coat made of red fox hair. I held Sue's coffee as she tried on this interesting coat, and her eyes lit up. I knew what she was thinking. (she wondered how it would feel to parade around her apartment wearing nothing but the aforementioned coat). The lady running the booth wanted $1000 for the coat, but Sue simply batted her eyes and talked her down to $850. Who would have known that the craft bazzaar would have such a lovely piece of clothing? Only in the South I tell ya.

On the work front, it seems that the par levels of gay guys I work with is on the rise. This week two new hires have started. One being on the far end of the nelly-meter, and the other is the ultimate-straight-actin' kind of gay guy. Coming from Grady as a paramedic, he is all of 27 years-old with the face of a 16 year-old boy. Eye candy for sure. Work is good. Life is good.

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