Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in High Hills...

Now I have known about the mountain cabin that LittleJohn and friends purchased earlier in the year, but it was taken me until now to actually make the journey up to Blue Ridge. I will admit that I have dropped hints over cocktails, you know, in order to secure an invite and all. So when the evite came early last week, I wasted no time and responded with an affirmative YES. And words cannot describe how beautiful and cozy this place is. Less than a year old, this humble abode nestled in the North Georgia mountains makes you feel like you are in a place that has been around for years. It is amazing what 4 gay guys can bring to the table, in terms of decorating and stuff. It's homey, inviting, relaxing, warm, and any other adjective that you can substitute to simply make you feel welcome. But more important this weekend was the company inside. 7 guys left behind the holiday parties and circuit events to spend time with friends, both old and new (thanks Jim for correcting me on how to pronounce your name), to spread the holiday cheer. We drank, ate, and laughed for the better part of the weekend. And even though we stayed up too late and overindulged in the libations, somehow, being up in a secluded place with these amazing people made it seem okay. Thanks again for the gracious hospitality and including me in such a special weekend.

Friday night, I made the trip up to High Hills with LittleJohn and Hottie McLegs, passing all the billboards along I-75 advertising the swim/tennis communities from the low $250s, you know the ones with that all end in "Park" and "Gate". It is hard to imagine living in one of these developments among the multi-colored Dodge Durangos and homes decorated with fake ivy in the kitchens and bathrooms. I'm not saying that I wouldn't live there if I was married with kids, but it is spending my Saturday afternoon floating around in a 2 acre pool just does not appeal to me.

It is difficult to appreciate the beauty of the cabin from the outside, being dark and all, but the inside is fabulous. After an unsuccessful attempt to get the gas grill lit (seems someone left us with an empty propane tank), we settled for a margarita and some chips, salsa, and guacamole. We lit a fire and relaxed. This was really my first time spending some kwality time alone with LittleJohn and HM, and as I have told them before, they are wonderful guys. Several drinks later, the camera came out, as did my desire to investigate the "drag suitcase" upstairs. And dress up I did, as the pictures below so clearly illustrate.

Saturday morning, LittleJohn cooked an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Fresh fruit and coffee. We lit a fire and spent the better part of the day relaxing. Watching movies and vegetating. A visit from MattStory,B-E-N-N, and Owen's sister came later in the day. Then, the boys from Atlanta began arriving. Each with a story of the previous night's festivities. Saturday night featured a Christmas dinner of Chili and corn bread muffins, courtesy of HM. This was his holiday tradition that he brought from growing up in Texas. Such a diverse group we had, as there were friends present that I knew very well (PTown powers unite), and yet others that I have only known as acquaintances. Several hours into the evening, it seemed as though were had known each other for years. We wassailed late into the night, playing games such as "Cranium" and "Catch Phrase", reminiscing of past times among friends and sharing holiday traditions unique to each of our respective families. It is these times that you really get to know your friends, unlike the small talk over a watered down cocktail at your favorite "video bar". If it was up to me, I would spend at least one weekend a month away from the Atlanta scene......It does seem as though the "gays" are buying into the mountain getaways in Blue Ridge. Just ask LittleJohn.

Sunday featured another delicious holiday meal straight from the Flippen family, and a hike to the top of the mountain. What a view.

Below are a few picture taken over the course of the weekend. Happy Holidays Y'all.

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LJ said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Had a great weekend!! MERRY CHRISTMAS. Where IS that swirly gum drop ocean??