Monday, December 26, 2005

"Christmas is Ruined"....

Well....almost. As I made the drive up to Marietta yesterday morning, with the back of my jeep filled with presents and a four legged friend in the back seat, I was was in pretty good spirits. Things change so quickly. 5 minutes after arriving at the parental units house, Boris urinated on one of the Christmas trees (luckily, the small one, who knew it looked like a bush?) and the pager goes off. yes, another Dekalb county special decided to pick Christmas for his heart attack. I was angry and almost in tears, partly because Christmas is such a special time for me to be with my family, and partly because the steroid pack I am taking for a sinus infection has me edgy.

Well, I made it back in time for dinner and a quick gift exchange. Santa was real good to me this year. Dinner was amazing as usual, and Mom featured Egg Nog pie for dessert. It was a nice visit, but something about being on call made things seem so rushed, as if I were waiting any minute for the pager to go back off and ruin dinner. or desert. And I was.

I had a bittersweet moment sitting around the dinner table last night. Here I was among my family, an adorable niece who is getting bigger and smarter by the minute. yet, looking around I realized how old my parents are getting, my sister, my brother-in-law...and looking at the pictures...even me. And I guess that is just part of life, though I really haven't noticed the signs of aging until my late 20's. I'm not scared, it is just something that I become more and more aware of every single day. Makes you realize how finite life really is.

This week:

1.get rid of this cold

Happy New Years Y'all!

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