Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long Way Down...

Well, it seems I have surfaced from the chaos in my life. Been real real busy you see, so I haven't had time to write about it...just livin' the dream as they say. Let's backtrack a little, shall we?

I ignored all the calls to venture out for hedonism MCXVIICXVIIII and opted for a rather quiet evening with the Mayor. We dined at Two Urban Licks which was very good. I still believe it has one of the most beautiful interior decors. The smoked salmon chips were a great starter. I had the seared tuna and the Mayor chose the pork shoulder. I learned the next day how strong the infused vodka cocktails really are, plus I think we may have split a thief of wine. :)

Thursday was an absolute blast with the entire family down in Columbus, GA. Such a gorgeous day it was, with the high near 70 degrees. 35 of us joined together for an afternoon of wine, food, and generally catching up. It's funny, my mom is still so scared of the family finding out that I am gay, like it reflects poorly upon her as a mom and parent. But, I know that everyone knows. I mean, no longer do I get the questions like, "Are you dating anyone", or "I know this really cute Paulding County girl who works at my office". No sir, instead, I get, "When can I come stay with you at your condo and go out?".

After a delicious meal with desert, I headed over to Joel and Brad's for more wine. A fine group of friends spent the day over on Clemont drinkin' and socializing. ChrisGorman even brought his adorable new black pug puppy named Elfie. I, for one, or five, am not loving the name, however, she is very very cute. Then the night becomes a blur: I swing by Mark's to get Bret, then Halo, then WetBar.........So glad that I was not working on Friday.

Friday night, Beckyeah, Amy, and I went to PieBar for dinner. The food was excellent and very affordable. We stopped by Halo and of course, my favorite friday night spot Midcity Cafe. Summer was there and as usual was pouring stiffies from behind the bar.

Saturday was spent on call and in the hospital. realfunletmetellya. Four emergencies from the usual various spots: Paulding, Cherokee, Douglas, then Paulding. I never managed to make it home for more than an hour before the pager went off again..and again...and again. I was clearly over it when it went off a final time at 4:30am. Which bring me to Sunday, the busiest travel day of the entire year, and I was set to leave for San Jose for a job interview. Long story short: I made it (at 10:30pm) and the rest is history. I will keep you updated...

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