Thursday, November 17, 2005


It seems the older I get, the more, disorganized and clumsy I become. Note to self: you turn 30 exactly two months from today....yikes.. And with this lack of order in my life comes the clutter. Now, maybe it has to do with living in a condo the size of a shoebox, with little room for storage and organization. My main problem has to do with the piles of paper that seem to accumulate on my counter in the kitchen. What starts as a small hill of bills, papers, and countless credit card offers turns into mountains of useless information that just serve to take up space. Instead of sifting through the useless information, I just add other piles. soon, I have piles of paperwork that I know can be discarded, another pile that needs to be looked at again in the next week, and yet a third that can be filed away in my file folder but hasn't due to the fact that the file folder holds old papers from previous years....that should probably be shredded. was that a run on sentence? remember, I was not an English major. no sir. so what do I do about this uneasiness in my life?

"What's the Secret Peter? Naturally, I'll say it's the wine. Hmm... Delicious again Peter".
Anyone who can tell me where that quote came from wins a personal DJ JT mixed CD from me, and you can pick the tracklist..... Here is a hint: it is from a song....shocker.

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beastie boys, the blue nun