Monday, November 21, 2005

You push me

Last night, JohnBrown and I were listening to the new Madonna CD....again. You know, playing out favorite tracks on the CD and dancin' around in his living room that is covered with plastic. home renovations, of course. Anyway, we soon found ourselves going through each individual track and really noticing how much sampling there is on this CD. And I'm not talking just about other artists, which there is, but really older Madonna songs. There are the more obvious ones such as the Donna Summer "I feel love" bassline. Yet, a closer listen reveals the rolling bassline from New Order "Blue Monday". The police are sampled in one track, with the same harmony as "like a prayer". We even heard "justify my love" and "erotic". Now, I am sure that many music snobs will find criticism in this type of rehashing of the past. They will claim that it lacks originality. But one must not forget how many songs in the electronic dance community are remade, remixed, and resampled. It has been this way for years and will continue into the future. I think it is brilliant and shows her creativity as an artist. Anyone care to comment?

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