Monday, November 14, 2005

My hump, my lovely lady lumps

I have never thought of myself as a good writer, or even a descent one. English and grammar were never my thing. I can't even finish the crossword puzzle in the AJC on a Monday, which is clearly the easiest one of the week. They only become more difficult from there. I can, however, finish the Sudoku puzzle in a reasonable amount of time. And I have become addicted to the latter, probably because it just makes sense, the numbers and all.

Having said that, I did create this blog to share the stories of my life, what I am thinking, feeling, and all that jazz. And of course there is the music element that is so important to me. The title and idea behind my blog came from a friend who once told me that the stories I have to tell are sometimes so crazy and funny that they almost seem made up. Well, they are not, but it has become clear that I can tell a better story in person than on paper. The other day at work I was sharing story about growing up with a co worker. After explaining that my family had a gay poodle named "Rick" who my mom would take to the groomers every month for what she called a "clip and dip", only for Rick to return with painted toe nails and bows twisted in his ears. After much laughter, my co worker turned to me and said, "you know, you really should have been a professional storyteller". I laughed, but inside I didn't know if I should take that as a compliment or not. My point is that I do have funny stories to tell, but lately, I read some of my posts and they seem sort of...well, ...stupid. I just don't have the jargon or descriptive words to really convey the hilarity of the situation. After the fall of J-flyrising last week, I began to wonder if Liner Notes would survive. or if i even wanted it to survive. It seems that lately all I blog about is my weekend recap, which can be reiterated in both johnbrown and erik's blog, both of which are much better writers than I am. So I have been doing some thinking: I will try to take this blog back in the direction in which it started, you know, MUSIC. It doesn't mean that I won't share some things going on in my life from time to time, but I want to bring to the forefront the music that I am feeling right now. After all, I am a DJ. Let's see what happens.

Tomorrow marks the release of Madonna's new album, "Confessions on a dance floor". So I get a message today that E.D. Records received 10 advance copies of the CD today, and they were holding one for me. It pays off to become friends of the guys who own the record store of course. I have since listened to the entire CD twice, and I really believe she did a great job with this one. Most people have heard the first single, "hung up", which really didn't do much for me until I heard the track several times. Here is a very brief description of a few of the tracks.

Track 2 sounds so much like a mixture of underworld, jupiter ace, and gus gus with the heavily synthesized melody. Beautiful track.

The bassline from track 4 sounds similar to "I feel Love" by Donna Summer with a certain Ray of Lightesque type of sound without becoming too hard. Love it.

I am totally digging Track 7 called "Forbidden Love". What a stunning track. Of course no dance album is complete with the synthesized voice distorter....Is that Cher? Aaaw Shit.

Jump is a great track. Very reminiscent of tiefschwarz, the beat that is.

Is it me or does "Push" almost sound like an old Police track? Every breath I take?

I am sure it will take several more listens to really grasp a feel on this album, but so far I am impressed. Feel free to post any comments you may have.

this week: an interview, a car wash, a haircut, and hopefully a glimpse of at least one of my two new crushes.......


LJ said...

It's worth keeping around, DJ JT!

Anonymous said...

You simply must continue this blog. Your life stories are so engaging and your way of writing is simply hysterical and clever. I look forward to updates on your social life as they are unique and entertaining. Don't sell yourself short. Mom of 3

Donks said...

The loss of J-Fly Rising also got me thinking about a hiatus...but I decided to stick it out a bit more as well...I like to read your stories, keep 'em coming!