Monday, April 30, 2007

your tiny mind

yesterday's out & about 2007 kick-off event at Loca Luna was a great success. we were all a little nervous going into sunday, as we were at a totally different location, and one that lacks its own surface lot now that ANOTHER condo building is going up on the site formerly known as Backstreet....

Surprisingly, the gays showed up in gaggles, even arriving as early as 4:30pm, which was unheard of when we hosted at Shout. The weather could not have been more beautiful, and i think that people really liked the space. though i can see how it would probably get too hot in the middle of summer.

the total in donations collected at the door is just shy of $1800! We estimate that somewhere around 200 people were in attendance. big thanks to johnny sinclair for all of his hard work at the door. who knew that people would donate an extra $5 for a hug?

I think everyone enjoyed the music. I did have several compliments. and i can clearly remember two trainwrecks.....the most unflawless of trangressions....all while flirting with Scott Davis. even three years later, he still melts me....

our next event takes us back to Shout in june to benefit ChrisKids Rainbow program.

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