Friday, May 11, 2007

Buzzin' Fly Vol 4

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Ben Watt, house DJ and former member of the group Everything but the Girl, returns with the fourth installment of his very popular CD compilations called Buzzin' Fly. Set to be released on his very own record label, Buzzin' Fly Records, this time Ben moves away from his signature house sound. I was able to get my hands on a promotional copy, and I was a bit disappointed. And probably because I was expecting something along the lines of the first in this series or even the Lazy Dog CDs. Though it does warrant a further, more detailed listen.
Apparently, the Buzzin' Fly is moving a away from its house origins,and dabbling in deep techno, electro, and even progressive house music. I noticed upon first listen that there are very few if any vocals on the CD, and the first few songs are very techy and bleepy. along the lines of tiefschwarz, which I have found some of their work interesting, but again not what one would expect to hear on a ben watt CD. In addition, the CD comes bookended by spoken word extracts from his long running Out-spoken project.

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drew morris said...

jt -
i want to thank you. it seems that over the last several months & unbeknownst to you, you've become my "supplier of choice" when i'm looking the latest news/info regarding my favorite music/dj's (chicane, etbg, kaskade, et al). so thank you, john, for sharing what you know & learn about the music you love.

give me a call when have a minute, please. i want to get on your calendar. thanks!

p.s. i knew that ben watt & tracy thorn were most recently focused on separate projects (they have historically had side gigs here & there since the early 80's), it was not my impression that everything but the girl was defunct. i hope they've not called it quits. have they?)