Sunday, August 26, 2007

souvenirs, novelties, party tricks

the last few weeks have made me realize what truly wonderful and supportive friends i have in my life. first, with Erik and John's show at Mary's, where a large crowd of friends and family came to see the trials and tribulations of Norma Desmond. as played by none other than Erik in full character, makeup included. and to look out and see his entire family in the smoky gay dive-bar, laughing and cheering him on was really very cool. johnbrown played a slightly retarded PTown Barbie/Norma sidekick. the show was creative and very funny. after the show, people stayed around for me to throw down some fun music and give everyone a chance to catch up. on a monday night no less.

thursday night, a group of 70+ gathered at the our old stomping grounds, Gaylo, to send off our good friend John Flippen to NYC. He has taken a position in New York with Google, and i cannot tell you how proud and happy everyone is for him. it's bittersweet, though, as i have really gotten to know this amazing person really well in the last two years, and i will be sad to see him leave. i do, however, see a trip to NYC to visit real soon. yet again, thursday reminded how fortunate I am to have the friends that i do.

then there is Jarrett. while talking on the phone to my mom this afternoon, she replies, "i don't hear from you that often now that you are spending so much time with you 'new friend'". it's funny, as she cannot seem to make herself say "boyfriend" but simply acknowledging that I have someone special in my life is a start, right? and i am sure she meant it in the best possible way. the only thing that parents ever want for their children is for them to be happy and to share their life with someone they care about. it's true that Jarrett and I have been spending a lot of time together. he makes me laugh, and finds humor in my crazy ways. who else could watch me breakdance and do a 'back spin' on my laminate hardwoods and not think that i was insane. well, i just might be sometimes.

and i really don't have any idea why i became very insecure this afternoon, and pretty much acted like a fool. which sent him packing his things and making me feel really bad. there are always time in relationships where the other person will start to get on your nerves, and i clearly became that person with him today.

next up, Ptown. it's a 2 street town, y'all.......

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J-Fly said...

I have enjoyed getting to know you so much better, and I see lots of trips in the near future to NYC. Both of ya!