Monday, December 03, 2007

so i called a friend of mine

You may be familiar with a funk rock band from the 90s named "Rootjoose", whose style of music closely resembled "surf rock" bands like that of Reef. They were from Cornwall, and their live performances included choreographed comedy dances and light shows that gained them much popularity with the people in the South West of England. The group's popularity grew through the late 90s and they were very close to breaking into the mainstream music scene when their record label went bankrupt in 2001. Well a few of the guitarists of Rootjoose have moved on to form a dance band called "Rairbirds", and I think they are pretty cool.

The band now describes their sound as "Part digital, part analog, part programmed, part played, everything we were and everything we became, for one and all for ever."

Their latest track titled "Calling" is great, with remixes from 7th heaven, skylark, and jerry ropero. My favorite so far being the 7th heaven vocal mix.

Check them out. You can download these tracks from Itunes or Beatport. Take a listen above.

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