Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You Gotta Take it Day by Day

Over the past several years, I have really become a morning person. This may be partly because my condo faces due East, and with all the glass it is nearly impossible to sleep in, even when I wear my "do not bother" eye mask from Tuesday Morning. For some reason, once I get up in the morning, I am ready to start the day, with or without a cup of coffee. That is why I enjoy working out in the morning, as I seem to have so much more energy at work. This morning, after working out on 5th street, I decided that a bike ride through Piedmont Park was in order. (despite the temperature reading on my car of 88 degrees at 5:15 am). It was during this ride that i realized how beautiful Piedmont Park really is. And what a great job they have done in renovating and maintaining this green space. As the sun was coming up, I pedaled down the different trails and streets, passing though some areas full of fragrance, many of which brought back memories of my childhood. The smell of cedar, magnolia, and Pine were all present in different places. People of all walks of life were out this early in the morning. And the sound of the crickets outside brought me back to summer camp when I was only 10 years old, laying in the bunk bed in my cabin....such great memories that almost went forgotten.

New music is on the way folks. With P-Town only about 4 weeks away, a CD compilation is in the making. This week marks the release of what will be a P-Town Signature Song indeed...though it will be heavily overplayed by the time we arrive. The Pussycat Dolls - Don't cha featuring a remix by Kaskade.....I can't wait to hear this.

Next up: The Mayor and I are going to piebar for dinna. Very interested in seeing this new space from the man behind One Midtown and Two Urban Licks.

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