Monday, July 11, 2005

Closer to Me

Weekend Update:

-Zocalo's 10th birthday party was fun. though I didn't win a gift certificate. instead, we had several pitchers of $48 margaritas.
-The Fantastic Four was a terrible movie....'nuff said.
-Love my new Mongoose mountain bike, now I can bike home from Willy's after dinner and margaritas. My dad says I can now get a "BUI".
-Brad can cook a mean spaghetti.
-Jambalaya from Fuzzy's is real good.

With so much new music out, it is time for a new CD or two.

Absolutely loving: Paul Van Dyk featuring Wayne Jackson - The Other Side (Deep Dish Other than This side remix). Male vocal, Male vocal, Male Vocal. Sounds like Michael Hutchence of INXS. Speaking of Deep Dish, they will both be spinning Wednesday at Eleven50. I wish I didn't have to work on Thursday, or I would be there.

1 comment:

E said...

great post *yawn* so glad you're back *stretch*...

Now...where's my mix with Deep Forest's "Sweet Harmony" on it?

Love ya!