Wednesday, June 22, 2005

And I know, What I feel, must be Natural.....

With PRIDE only a few days away, I have been very busy preparing music for the weekend. But let's rewind, shall we?

Spent Sunday afternoon at Shout helping Eric Cullenberg, our guest DJ from New York, set up for another afternoon of cocktails for a cause. He was very cute, and nice.....and for once I really wanted to stay and listen to his set. It would be my first Shout event on the other side of the table, a chance for me to relax, listen to some quality house music, and socialize. But, it was off to Scarietta for me with Father's Day card in hand.

I was greeted by a very hyper and excited niece, who latched on to me for the better part of an hour. Her first remark was, "Uncle John, you have wine breath". Neat. Every time I see Molly, it amazes me how smart she really is. This coming from a child who was speaking in complete sentences since the young age of two.

I always enjoy Sunday evening at my parents' as my Mom is an amazing cook. Plus, I always seem to make it home with leftovers, packed neatly in individual airtight containers, with her only request being that I manage to bring a few empty ones back with me on the next visit. Dinner on Sunday consisted of BBQ ribs, cole slaw, fresh potato salad, baked beans, and Key Lime Pie for desert.

I chuckled when my brother-in-law, Ken, asked my niece to say the blessing. She starts out, "God our Thater, Got our Thater, we thank you." She has no idea why we are laughing, and maybe one day soon she will. But it is cute nonetheless.

I made it back in to town for one last drink at Blake's before heading home to sleep. I can only imagine how packed that place will be next weekend. Let's just hope for descent weather.

TODT: Infusion - Natural. I forgot how great this track was until today. The follow-up to "Love and Imitation", this song features the instrumental of the former song paired with an excellent male vocal. Classy.

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