Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thrills Pills and Daffodils

Last night, I anxiously tuned in to the first episode of the final season of Six Feet Under. And I wasn't disappointed, not one bit. The opening scene always intrigues me, as you know that one of the characters is going to die, however, you can never know the who and the how until it happens. And to be honest, it is usually totally unpredictable. Like being pelted (is that a word?)by frozen feces from an airplane, or sliced in half by an elevator that gets stuck between two floors. I guess the writers are showing the audience, that yes, people die from cancer, heart disease, trauma, etc, every day, but people are also killed in unexpected ways. some of which can be rather embarrassing to discuss.

Sure this is a dark show, and maybe it makes me feel like my life is really not that bad. not that I feel this way, of course. but it seems to touch on subjects that maybe we all can relate to in some way, though maybe not to such an extreme degree. and for this I find myself coming back each week.

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