Sunday, June 19, 2005


Well, it's Sunday and here is what happened over the weekend:

  • The party for Carol on Friday night was fun. Beautiful home, beautiful people, amazing food. Spun until 1 am. I vaguely remember a stretch Lincoln Navigator limo arriving and taking us to the Pink Pony. But I do remember the cruisey hot straight boys inside.
  • Spent much of the day Saturday with Diane.
  • Dinner at Todd and Brad's last night was delightful. Orange-Soy braised short ribs, steamed broccoli, and spinach salad.
  • The weather last night was gorgeous. And it is nearly July? Reminded me of P-Town.....

TOTD: Tommyboy and Sultan - Extacy. What a beautiful track.

Happy Father's Day y'all!

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