Friday, June 03, 2005

It's a Lack of Communication..

Last night, a group of friends gathered for dinner to send my friend Kevin off to San Francisco. Yes, he is moving out west and we thought it would be a nice way to say "so long" and "see you soon", as I do plan to visit. Especially since Beaux is out there as well. We started over at Jenny's new condo at the Block Lofts, where I consumed at least 3 glasses of wine. A short walk later and I was sitting at the bar at Two Urban Licks, where double-hair-pump-hot bartender was pouring me yet another glass of wine. He was broad-shoulder and stunning, and I was, well, horny. Though the food isn't excellent, the scene in Two is great. And I am not just talking about the big mural on the wall, I'm talking about Mr. Hands the waiter, and just about everyone else that works there. After a tasty swordfish entree and two thieves of red wine later, I found myself calling the Mayor and basically inviting myself over for a visit. He agreed and visit we did.

Now I felt fine at work today. sure, I could tell I had consumed some wine last night, and I attribute that feeling to the chewy tannins or sulfites or whatever is supposed to be in red wine. But I must have looked banged up, as one of the straight pacer reps. commented to me that I looked like I had partied all night. pretty.

Tune of the Day: Mardel - Situation. Coming out on Satoshi Tomiie's record label SAW recordings. Very nice female vocal.

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