Monday, July 30, 2007

and then i go and drop the bombshell, upon you.

whew....that was exhausting. goodbye weekend.

i like to think of myself as a very easygoing guy. there are very few things that upset me or cause me to become angry. but poor communication and customer service can really work my nerve. after my air conditioner went on the fritz mid-week, i learned just how lucky or is it privileged we are go come home to a house that is 72 degrees.

by friday i was ready to leave the 84 degree desert at my condo, and the fact that it took until saturday to get someone out to my place had me in a full-on fag storm. i admit that part of the breakdown in communication has to do with me leaving my cell phone at Beardy's, but when i give simple instructions to a technician on the phone and he still manages to do the exact opposite, well, i just don't have time for that. i guess they don't call it Fort Knox for nothing.

i managed to release some stress with a bike ride, and later Beardy came over to inform me of his new job offer. so i treated him to a celebratory dinner at ECCO.

Jill and Walt's birthday brunch was a lot of fun. I had no idea that it would be such a big event, so I found several opportunities to inform everyone of the "Welcome to my Home" video on youtube. and, after a few sangrias, i managed to do a few impersonations. What??

as my trip to Ptown grows closer, i now focus on the T Shirts and CD. methinks i need to send a little email to DJ David LaSalle.......

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