Thursday, July 05, 2007

took an oath, i'mma stick it out 'till the end

well hello.

sorry for the lapse in blogging, but i have been buzy with other things.

here's what has been going on.... Pride '07 came and left so very quickly. i have to admit that it was refreshing to be able to attend the Sunday parade without having to dodge lightning bolts and downpours. john and erik's brunch was again a huge success, and the Sanctuary realty party on sunday afternoon was off the hook. I, for one, thought that seeing Chris Naeve dancing shirtless was well worth the $20 donation I made at the door.

Hottie McBearderton has now become Hottie McBoyfriend and i am really excited about that. It's funny, just when you think you have met everyone in this town, this awesome person comes into your life. He keeps me laughing and that is very important to me.

and now my focus turns to PTown, which is lest than 2 months

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