Monday, February 13, 2006

The city feels clean this time of night

It was so calming to wake up this morning to see the light dusting of snow scattered along the streets of midtown. It sure beats the dreary cold rain any day. And what a great weekend it was. celebrating life with you friends and family is a good thing.

Friday night, an attempt to have dinner over at Atlantic Station ended with a delivery from Domino's. We were hoping to try the new mexican restaurant, Rosa Mexicano, only to find there wait was almost two hours and they do not take reservations. I was a little hesitant to have mexican food so soon after my bad case of "STOMACH" on thursday, but I figured quesadillas were a safe choice. Instead, we stopped by Lobby for a cocktail. I must say it is a nice space but entirely too crowded. and then there was the crowd....diverse indeed. I cannot imagine being a resident at Twelve and having to weave my way though all the people just to get to my condo.

I met the entire family for lunch on Saturday. It was Mom's birthday, as she turned 62 on Friday. I just love seeing my niece, Molly Catherine, grow up. She will be 5 in May and gets cuter every time I see her. It funny, as she now has this shy act when I am around her. So different from the chatty two year old I remember. As I was I trying to make her laugh when she remarks, "Uncle John, you are embarrassing me!"

I managed to have a short nap on Saturday in preparation for Anthony and CQ's birthday celebration that night. The gang gathered at Bazaaar for drinks then on to Eleven50 for Kaskade. I was very excited for this night as he put on such a great "concert" the last time he was in Atlanta. And what a perfect night of music it was. Housey, groovy, with only a hint of progressiveness. The crowd was hot and I really find that Saturday nights at Eleven50 are becoming more and more mixed. He managed to play some of his own production work such as "Steppin Out", "Everything", and "It's You, It's Me" (Thanks to CQ for that request). The highlight for me was Ryan breaking out Freeform 5 - No more conversation. I was floored. Other notable tracks included Soul Central - "Need you now" and ending his set with the Aurora remix of Late night Alumni - "Empty Streets". pure class.

The after party at Springforth was fun. J-Luv threw down a nice progressive-tinged house set and I must say that it wasn't nearly as sketch as some of the gay parties I have attended. In fact, I can report that a certain DJ from Halo might have been getting his groove on into the early morning hours.

Sunday featured a late lunch at Vickery's and several $2 PBR's on tap. Signature time indeed.

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