Friday, February 24, 2006


you know it has been nearly two weeks since i have seen the likes of her, but damn if she didn't show up this morning unannounced. let's see if i can piece it all together....

last night i dragged Heyward over to the grand opening of The Glenn boutique hotel. it was a Jezebel event, so everyone was out sporting the most fabulous spring fashions. and porcelain veneers of course. the space is really beautiful and made me feel like i was in south beach except for the 40 degree weather outside. and the real lion sprawled out on the fiery red stage. i thought the circus was last week? the bar was open and pouring on the house, and dj scott anthony threw down some downright groovy beats, thanks to his skills of course and my powered Mackie monitors I let him borrow.

after being bumped into one too many times, we took a tour of BED and then rode the elevator to the top floor to check out the rooftop deck. The bar isn't finished yet, but the panoramic view of the atlanta skyline is breathtaking. The Jezebel suite is gorgeous, and the other rooms weren't too shabby. i really hope this hotel will bring some life to downtown, and i can easily picture spinning an Out & About event this summer on da roof...

after dinner, we rallied Heyward's roommate to join us for drinks at Halo, where I managed to score the newest Brandon Sutton CD. and catch up with dougneal and chrisheard. i guess people just don't go out during the week as the place wasn't too crowded. the music was great as usual, and several overpriced cocktails later, we departed. only to pop over to teen night at wetbar. and let me tell ya, it was like being in alice in wonderland. clans of pocket gays lined the front bar, and dj greg dean was busy in heavy diva mode in the booth. always nice to see a few queens out fiercing on the dancefloor on a thursday night. thankyoudeborahcox.

this morning i woke up sans diane only to hear the toilet flush and see her smiling face appear in the doorway. thank god i am not working today.

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