Sunday, June 10, 2007

ever since the day we walked away, i don't care who's to blame

yesterday's cookout at Mark and Chris's newly renovated bungalow on Elmwood was much fun. what started out as a housewarming quickly turned into a celebration for several reasons. first, it was both mark and chris's birthdays. and we were also welcoming jeff and his boyfriend craig to town from chicago for a visit. and finally it provided an opportunity to see their new home. after nearly a year of stress, meetings with contractors and architects, and a big chunk of money, they have moved back in to a really beautiful home. i'm not jealous, but i did notice that the master closet is as big as my 700 square foot condo.

burgers and hot dogs were served. as well as a keg of beer which is trouble because you just seem to lose count after about three trips to the tap. an eclectic mix of people gathered to celebrate. and we did. i managed to get a checker cab home just before midnight. now that's respectable.

next up: out & about @ Shout. see you there.

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